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Author of “All In: The Education of David Petraeus” Paula Broadwell takes three segments to explain her new book and what the former Army general did to help advance Afghan security. The book is a case study in transformational leadership and explains how the COIN strategy has helped to increase security while decreasing insurgency attacks. Are we giving our enemies a better option in life than to fight Americans? They need money and they want a sense of belonging, but there must be a better way to make money and feel accepted than fighting us. A difficult aspect to gaining security in Afghanistan is trying to explain western law to a society ruled by Sharia. How do we get people to wrap their minds around the idea of a free and fair legal system?

General Petraeus worked hard to build relationships in the Middle East as well as working with current allies in order to build a stronger coalition against jihad and those that wage it. Our allies do not want us to dumb down our efforts in the region, nor will we, but will our gains be reversed if we leave the country too quickly? As of right now, Afghan security forces are leading 50% of the operations in country, while participating in 100% of them with US forces. Are they ready to take control of their own country?

Why is China buying up gold? The past five months have seen record purchases of gold by China, is it because the government fears the slow down and even reversal of the Chinese economy? Money is leaving the country very quickly and the government is slow in a response, will this cause tougher economic restrictions and if so will the populous turn on the government as a result? This might even cause China to devalue their currency even more, which could prevent a collapse of their economy in the short term but in the longer run will make the demise of the Chinese economy more devastating. China is now taking a hard-line stance against the Philippines growing military relationship with America, what are the implications of an unhappy Beijing? Gordon Chang answers these questions and more in his analysis of the region.

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