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Does Obama feel he is going to lose his re-election bid therefore he is trying to bind America’s “hands and feet” with treaties that will destroy American liberty and security? In his upcoming book “Screwed,” Dick Morris explains how Obama and Clinton are creating treaties that will undermine US freedom years after they leave their posts. One such treaty is the Law of the Sea Treaty, which will force the US to share all profits from any offshore drilling with a newly created UN body. Treaties such as this will reduce American sovereignty while enhancing the power of multinational organizations. What other treaties is Obama trying to hogtie America with?

A man in Florida wants to burn some Qurans and it becomes an international scandal, but the Grand Mufti in Saudi Arabia calls for the destruction of churches throughout the Middle East and there isn’t a peep from the media, why? Raymond Ibrahim uses the analogy of the Pope calling for the destruction of mosques throughout Europe as a way to educate people as to the role of the Grand Mufti. The western media has once again failed to take an impartial role and report critical information to the masses. Why does the media feel this announcement isn’t worth reporting and what else have they missed?

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is investing $3 million into a campaign to promote Sharia law throughout the United States. This campaign is set to take hold in 25 of the largest cities in the US and they will be using billboards, PSA’s, commercials ect… to promote the message of Sharia. Now according to Christine Brim, ICNA is claiming they want to educate the people on the truth behind Sharia and combat Islamophobia, but truth is they want to promote this radical, draconian doctrine in America in order to negate the Constitution and get one step closer to establishing a global caliphate. What can be done to stop this stealth jihad?

What does it say about a government that arrests its own top officials as well as possibly assassinating those associated with them? According to Gordon Chang, it says that the Chinese Communist Party is splintering and possibly starting to disintegrate. The communist leaders are trying to hold onto power and are willing to arrest and kill anyone, even their colleagues, if anyone gets in their way. Could this be the beginning of the end for the communist party?

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Jon Adler, 9/11 first responder, tries to answer where America goes after Osama bin Laden’s death. Raymond Ibrahim analyzes the fate of terrorism after the death of bin Laden. Andrew Bostom explains the American government’s willingness to adhere to Sharia or is there another explanation? Andy McCarthy explains Pakistan’s past links to terrorism and the probability of their innocence in knowing the location of bin Laden.

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