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Rep. Francisco Canseco, Bill Gertz, Jeremy Rabkin, Sen. Mark Kirk

July 8th, 2011 ·

Congressman Francisco Canseco, of the 23rd district of Texas, joins Frank to discuss the concerns of cross border violence with Mexico. Canseco, who represents 800 miles of the border, explains the parallel universe between the Administration’s claim the border is more secure than ever, and its own Homeland Security and FBI agencies admission that they have no way of measuring cross border violence. Next, Bill Gertz, “Inside the Ring” columnist for the Washington Times, explains the Obama’s Administration’s imminent concession to Russia on missile defense and a shift in strategy for Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan to smaller scale operations. Then, Dr. Jeremy Rabkin, George Mason School of Law Professor, discusses the confusion due to the lack of congressional authorization in the war in Libya. Rabkin finds the President’s definition of war disturbing, which labels anything short of ground troops a mere “kinetic military action.” Finally, Sen. Mark Kirk, of Illinois, elaborates on the situation that would bring the Russians into the U.S. missile defense program and a new proposal that would base radar defense in unstable and Iran-leaning Turkey rather than in the Czech Republic, a strong NATO ally. Sen. Kirk also discusses the myriad of reasons why trying terrorist suspects like Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame in civilian courts is a bad idea.

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Ken deGraffenreid, Dr. Jack London, Rep. Francisco Canseco, Jim Hanson

April 27th, 2011 ·

Ken deGraffenreid discusses the expected announcement regarding General Petraeus’s promotion to the head of CIA and Leon Panetta’s nomination for Secretary of Defense. Dr. Jack London of CACI explains cyber warfare and the possibility of engaging in it with China. Representing one of the largest border areas, Representative Francisco Canseco looks at border insecurity. Jim Hanson gives a boots on the ground perspective of the Afghanistan/Pakistan area and recent developments therein.

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