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Fred Grandy

·        Center for Security Policy Executive Vice President Talks regarding the release of Lars Hedegaard, Danish journalist convicted for presumed hate speech against Islam, and the victory this represents for the free world.

·        As well he discuss the American workers hostage condition in Egypt and Senator Rand Paul's Initiative to end AID to this country until the Egyptian Government clears out any kind of doubt that Americans are not been hold against their will.

·        He also approaches Venezuela’s situation on President Chavez unknown future on his cancer battle.

·        And Ex-Judge Aponte Aponte, expected to provide the DEA with the names of high-level suspects in the cocaine trade, Chavez government and it’s military.

Congressman Paul Gosar

·       Congressman Paul Gosar, Representative from Arizona’s First Congressional District, unfolds the decision and especially the right of Israel to defend itself from any threat from Iran, with special concern on the nuclear program Iran is developing.

Robert Muise

·        Robert Muise, a former Marine officer, expert in Constitutional law, and founder of the American freedom Law Center, joins us to explain the lawsuit between Kevin Murray and the U.S. government.

·        Kevin Murray is a former combat Marine who served in Iraq, which alleges that the U.S. government’s takeover and financial bailout of AIG was a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

·        And the AIG connections to Sharia and the economical implementations of their actions against Murray’s civil rights.

Bill Gertz

·        Bill Gertz, Washington Times National Security editor, comments on the North Korea Missile failed launch; explaining that even though the launch failed, this must be a wakening call to the U.S. on the north Korean threat and their support from China, and the several U.N. violations from both countries.


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