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What would the 2012 election look like without President Obama as the Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party? Frank gets today’s show rolling reflecting on the comments his colleague, Dick Morris made concerning the upcoming election. In Frank’s eyes, President Obama might pull out of the election for fear of the criticism that he will face during election debates. Even members of his own party are apprehensive in the extreme of having President Obama lead the ticket for the Democratic Party. Former President Bill Clinton supports such criticisms and is starting to promote his wife as a future candidate.

Has the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen finally uncovered the truth about Pakistani intelligence services (ISI) and its connection with known terrorist groups? Former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton has a forthright discussion with Frank on the topic. Adm. Mullen admitted that the ISI has obvious connections with dangerous terrorists in Afghanistan and have even nurtured the Taliban. Although little of this information was novel news, most people were still shocked by the specificity of what he said. Adm. Mullen even acknowledged the fact that the ISI was party to the attack on the NATO and US headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan. Ambassador Bolton also shares his thoughts on Obama’s UN speech this past week and how he sees it more as an “election” speech rather than one developing new policy. Moreover, in order to gain more of the Jewish vote, Obama’s speech tried to retract his past adverse policy towards Israel and its allies. The United States’ foreign policy truly is worst after two and a half years of Obama leadership.

Is it right for Texas to offer in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants while they do not even offer it for children of veterans? Representative Louie Gohmert of the 1st district of Texas displays his disbelief that his state is giving a better deal for children of illegal aliens than for children of wounded or retired soldiers. According to Rep. Gohmert, the legislation was part of a larger budget bill and Governor Perry did not know that the tuition legislation was included. Therefore, by voting for the budget bill, his whole party voted for this tuition qualification. Not only are fellow Texans angry at the bill, but also Hispanics who have legally gone through the immigration process. Rep. Gohmert continues to refutes claims that President Obama would not seek reelection. In his view, a man such as Obama, who takes credit for SEAL Team Six operations will not easily step gracefully out of the limelight.

Our “boots on the ground” guy and weekly guest at Secure Freedom Radio, Jim Hanson concludes today’s Secure Freedom Radio supporting the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta’s decision to speak the truth about the damaging effects of defense budget cuts. This is the first time that any Secretary of the Obama administration is standing up to Obama and to Democrats in resistance of their ludicrous suggestions for defense cuts. The whole reason we have a defense budget is to support those who we put in harm’s way, argues Hanson. The American people will not accept a large cut in their military force, especially if it means putting our country in jeopardy. With the money floating into entitlements, the US should be able to locate some money for those who have honorably served. Additionally, Adm. Mullen’s admission that Pakistan is “playing both sides” gives validity to former claims on the subject.

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