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The Muslim Brotherhood wants to transform Egypt into a Sharia country. Diana West joins Frank for a two-segment special examines the special situation in Egypt and its strategic implications. The Muslim Brotherhood calls the jihad a ‘civilization jihad’. West analyzes this term and what it means not only for Egypt but also the U.S. but Egypt’s neighbors. The Muslim Brotherhood has said in its strategic plan that its goal in the United States is to destroy western civilization. Is that a direct threat to our democracy our way of life, our government and freedom? West points out that our military has incorporated more sharia rules than any other leading institution in the U.S. The United States military has taken a posture “not to offend” to such an extent that it is endangering our troops. What kind of impact do these acts of submission have on our troops and their ability to carry out their jobs effectively?

Richard Muordock currently a treasurer for the state of Indiana, a candidate for United States Senate joins Frank to update on his current senate race and Senator Lugar’s strong support on the Law of the Sea Treaty and how it might affect the race for the senate seat. Muordock explains why the Law of Sea Treaty would have disastrous affect on the United States.  Muordock examines the effects of recent budget cuts on Indiana and how it would affect hundreds of jobs.

What has America learned from the hollowing out of the military back in the ‘90s? According to Rowan Scarborough, we have learned nothing about the repercussions of a hollow military. What does America’s future security apparatus look like when the ships, planes and tanks stop being built.

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