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John Feal, Founder of FealGood Foundation, joins Frank to explain his efforts to embrace 9/11 protectors and first responders and what he’s doing to ensure 9/11 does not happen again. Feal was working as a Demolition Supervisor at Ground Zero just days after the attack when a piece of steel fell towards him landing on foot, which was later amputated. Since, Feal has worked tirelessly to support the heroes of 9/11, many of whom have suffered catastrophic health effects. Feal helped pass two bills in Congress, including last year’s James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. He also details his current push for S.911 (the SPECTRUM Act) that will enhance communication between local Firefighters and Police in the event of a future attack.
Next, Nina Shea, of the Hudson Institute, details the harrowing genocide in Sudan. Gen. Omar al-Bashir is again waging war against his own people; bombing farmers, sealing off borders and vowing to shoot down any UN relief aircraft. Shea describes the Obama Administration’s abdication of the crisis, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s meek response suggesting the North and South should stay within their borders. The Director of the Center for Religious Freedom also recounts her continuing efforts against Blasphemy laws, and the international trend of using Hate Speech laws as means to the same end. Hate speech is the “perfect proxy for Blasphemy laws,” she says, where any criticism of Islam is prosecuted, and free speech is silenced.
Historian Robert Kaufman, of Pepperdine University, enlightens us on the “penny wise, pound foolish” philosophy in Washington to gut defense in order to solve our debt crisis. Kaufman explains how the Defense budget actually is quite small, at only 4.7 percent of GDP. Like George McGovern before him, President Obama continues the folly of cutting back defense and international reach due to an “allusion that we are living in an era of perpetual peace.” He explains how throughout history this has been proven a mistake, and also the coming global geo-political nightmare if America is no longer the preeminent superpower.
Finally, Retired Col. T.X. Hammes examines the increasing use of contractors in our fighting overseas. During the Gulf War our military forces to contractor ratio was 10 to 1. Today, in Iraq that ratio is equal and last year more contractors were killed than U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan. Hammes looks into this growing phenomenon and the potential unintended consequences thereof, in which the military does not know who it is hiring. The Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies explains how the use of contractors can be a “free ride” for the government, from misleading public opinion in the Iraqi surge to usurping Congressional power.

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