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Dr. ROBERT ZUBRIN, President of Pioneer Energy and Founder of the Mars Society:

  • The United States’ current energy security posture
  • OPEC and Russia’s role in anti-fracking propaganda
  • The environmental effects of fracking


  • Effects of the fracking industry on the world’s energy security
  • Iran’s attempt to gain leverage in the oil industry
  • China’s provocations in the South China Sea
  • Vulnerabilities of Saudi Arabia’s oil supply


  • Fixing the failures of the shale boom
  • How captured flare gas is being used for new, productive purposes
  • Different fuel sources’ roles in supporting American energy independence


  • Just how far is the U.S. falling behind China in space development?
  • The importance of space access
  • Domestic alternatives to space exploration technologies

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RALPH PETERS, retired US Lieutenant Colonel and New York Post Columnist, touches on an array of topics including; Bradley Manning, political correctness in the military, Nidal Hasan, and women in combat.

TOM DONNELLY, of AEI, examines the ongoing hollowing out of the military and the problems this is creating in the present and will create in the near future for American power.

DIANA WEST, author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character, reflects on Extortion 17, which involved the deaths of 15 Navy Seals in 2011, and why she believes the government has been covering up the truth behind this tragic event for the past two years.

ROBERT ZUBRIN, author of Merchants of Despair and founder of Pioneer Astronautics, explores the issue of oil dependency, specifically pertaining to the feared attacks in Yemen on the oil infrastructure, OPEC control of the market, and the ease of converting American cars to multi-fuel vehicles

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With Barry Rubin, Robert Zubrin, Andy McCarthy, Christian Whiton

BARRY RUBIN, of the Gloria Center, discusses the potential consequences between the growing and close friendship Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan have and the negative impact this has on any possible growth of democracy in the region.

ROBERT ZUBRIN, of  Pioneer Astronautics and The Mars Society, gives an overview of some of today's top energy concerns ranging from issues such as energy independence and Qatari's buying of US gas reserve fields, to updates in the field of climate change, as well as discusses anti-humanism and what this means in the United States.

ANDY MCCARTHY, Contributing Editor with National Review Online, talks about the real role the anti-Islam movie “Innocence of Muslims” played in the context of the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012 and uncovers some of the real groups/motives behind the attacks.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, of DC Advisory International and author of the upcoming book "Smart Power", discusses the State Department's release of false statements in the aftermath of the attacks on the US Consulate in Benghazi and briefly talks about the upcoming June elections in Iran and what this truly means for Iranian-American relations.

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ROGER NORIEGA, with the American Enterprise Institute, teaches us about the presence of Mexican drug cartels in over 1,000 American cities, and representing a huge percent of our organized crime, and discusses how America's voracious appetite for illegal drugs is funding terrorist programs all over the world

Special guest ROBERT ZUBRIN, president of Pioneer Astronautics, reveals the truth about Al Gore's connections to Qatari oil and his hypocritical views on the environment, discussing how the environmental movement has cost America literally billions of dollars in lost oil revenue, and helped feed the growth of terrorist organizations worldwide.

FRED FLEITZ, from, reports on the situation in Mali and Algeria, illuminating Algeria's hard-nosed stance towards rejecting human aid, and the disastrous consequences were an Islamist state to arise from Mali's turmoil.

From CBN News, ERIC STAKELBECK, having just returned from a trip to Israel enlightens us to Israel's perilous situation in the rapidly changing region, and the amazing effectiveness of their Iron Dome missile defense system.

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The NYPD investigating mosques or the Muslim community is no different than an investigation in Colombians that might be connected to drug cartels or Italians that might be connected to the mafia. Islamic extremists are using their religion to cover-up their nefarious intentions; if you have nothing to hide and aren’t meeting with extremists than you have nothing to worry about. Asra Nomani explains that the Muslim community needs to evolve and stop with this draconian and radical interpretation of Muslim scripture. There is a battle between the radicals and the moderates and the moderates must prevail so they can create a new image of Islam, one not associated with terrorism. A change must occur, but it can only come from within the Muslim community; Muslims in America want to live within American society, not destroy it. How can we criticize those that are trying to protect us?

The environmentalist movement sees humans as vermin that are a cancer to the earth. This movement has hurt the US economy and restricted free enterprise by forcing businesses to adhere to standards that actually have very little effect on the environment. They seek to limit the production of CO2 because they feel it hurts earth, yet CO2 promotes plant life and the world has actually become more greener as a result of CO2 admissions. Robert Zubrin elaborates on how this totalitarian movement prevents exploration of new drugs and scientific enhancements to certain foods which could help poor and starving nations. Children go blind and people die because they do not receive the proper nutrition, and environmentalists won’t allow scientists to add these crucial vitamins to the food supply of these starving nations. Shouldn’t we use the environment to help make mankind a little bit better?

China is facing a tumultuous transition from the fourth generation to the fifth generation leadership, a transition that the Chinese claim is smooth and moving with ease. Although the Chinese claim this is a smooth transition, Gordon Chang sees chaos and splintering within the Communist Party. Recently, the US handed over a high ranking police lieutenant that tried to defect to America, back to the Chinese government. This lieutenant had in his possession, secret documents that show the illegal transform of money out of China by the wife of a high ranking Communist Party leader. Did America give those documents back too? Japan warns of the problems China is creating in the region and notes that America’s allies cannot handle Chinese aggression on their own. North Korea is testing a ballistic missile next month, even though they promised they wouldn’t and even though the UN Security Council banned North Korea from such tests two years ago. What is the lesson here? North Korea gets much of its technology from China which gets it From Iran therefore this is really an Iranian ballistic missile test.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Robert Zubrin discuss the affect of oil prices on the economy and national security. Then, Phyllis Schlafly discusses patent reform and the new START Treaty. Finally, Andy McCarthy discusses the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.


Frank Gaffney recommends people visit Iranium.

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Ambassador John Bolton addresses what is happening with Israeli-U.S. relations behind closed doors, specifically in regards to the international threat that Iran and its nuclear program pose.  Later, Robert Zubrin, a leading expert in space policy and energy security, talks with Frank about both – how the Obama administration is destroying our space program, and how the United States can better improve on its energy independence.  Then, Andy McCarthy weighs in on the recently leaked report out of Central Command that outrageously asserts that the U.S. must embrace terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

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