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Former Israeli ambassador YORAM ETTINGER goes deeper into the exploding situation in the Middle East as well as analyzes the security of Israel.

DANIEL GALLINGTON, former special assistant to the Secretary of Defense and senior adviser at the George C. Marshall Institute, discusses the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East and actions taken against or for them. Mr. Gallington also discusses the NSA program and the history of balancing security and privacy.

ROWAN SCARBOROUGH, of the Washington Times, looks at the grave issue of national security leaks and how the Stuxnet program leak to a NYT reporter seems to have come from the heart of the White House.

DIANA WEST, author of American Betrayal, analyzes Al Jazeera in America and the Nidal Hasan trial.

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ROWAN SCARBOROUGH, of the Washington Times, investigates the idea of socially engineering the military by implanting women in combat, among other things, and looks at how lowering the standards of the military to allow more women into combat poses a large danger to the quality of the military.

KORI SCHAKE, of the Hoover Institution, puts into prospective the relationship between the US and Russia, including how Russian policy is anti-American and how Russia is longing to be a Cold War superpower once again.

MICHAEL RUBIN, of AEI, focuses in on the chaos happening in every corner of the Middle East and looks at how the radical Islamists in the region are growing more aggressive towards the US.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, of the DC international Advisory, analyzes the collapse of Obama's progressive doctrine to the world as well as looks into how the president has started to be perceived as weak on the world stage.

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DEAN CHENG of the Heritage Foundation breaks down the realities and relationships surrounding calculations of war on the Korean Peninsula.

Former assistant secretary of defense and combat Marine BING WEST shows that the Vietnam War is a teachable moment for understanding what is likely to happen if the United States withdraws from Afghanistan without leaving adequate support behind.

ROWAN SCARBOROUGH, writer for the Washington Times, talks about the impact the politicization of the Chiefs of Staff had on preparing for sequestration, and why the media is siding against the Pentagon in the budget fights.

Author of The Death of the The Grown Up, DIANA WEST finds historical context for the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East dating back to the Bush administration in a policy described as the Sunni Crescent.

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Washington Times writer, ROWAN SCARBOROUGH discusses how the military is being pressured to lower physical testing standards to allow women access to combat positions. He then analyzes the impact that "blue-on-green" Al Qaeda attacks amongst NATO troops is having on both troop morale and Afghan confidence in their state military.

ADAM KREDO, a senior writer with The Washington Free Beacon, explains how John Brennan's ideological interpretation about Islamist jihad doctrine will effect the CIA if he is nominated as CIA director, and discusses the security concerns for Israel and America that will arise from Egypt and Turkey's Arabization.

From the Institute on Religion and Democracy, FAITH McDONNELL reveals the horrible conditions that Christian refugees in the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile areas suffer in from continued aggression by the Islamist government. She explains what Americans and people of faith worldwide can do to aid these victims, and invites people to get engaged at the Sudan Emergency Action Summit this weekend. Learn more and register at

ANDY McARTHY, an editor with National Review Online and author of Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy, postulates about changes that CIA director nominee John Brennan will make with his mistakenly benign view of jihad, and explains how regimes in the Middle East interpret American submission as weakness.

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MATTHEW CONTINETTI, editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon, exposes Chuck Hagel's many deficiencies that should prevent him from becoming the next Secretary of Defense, and is skeptical of the media's malfeasance in not exposing said deficiencies to the public.

From the Jerusalem Post, CAROLINE GLICK, predicts that Obama's agenda for his upcoming trip to Israel will be to attempt to push an agreement between the PLO and Israel, but Obama doesn't realize that there is no Palestinian leadership that will cut a deal with Israel at this point.

CHRISTIAN ADAMS, from the Election Law Center and author of Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department, exposes the plebiscite campaign that would deny any non-native Chamorros in Guam the right to vote in elections, putting at risk this highly strategic American outpost in the Pacific.

ROWAN SCARBOROUGH, a reporter from The Washington Times, speculates on how the Pentagon will cut $46 billion from their budget, and explains how Hagel's nomination has survived to this point considering the plethora of discrediting information that has been discovered about him.

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Richard Miniter  guest hosts.

Former Iowa Congressman, FRED GRANDY, covers the Hagel hearings in terms of U.S. relations to Israel, Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood.   Will the U.S. watch the Islamists repress political opposition in Egypt as they did in Iran in 2009?

MAX BOOT, author of the newly published book Invisible Armies, goes into depth on why the U.S. was initially so unprepared for fighting guerrilla forces in Afghanistan, despite its lengthy experience with similar combat in Vietnam. Boot also expresses his concern for what will become of Afghanistan if U.S. troops withdraw substantially from the country.

Washington Times reporter ROWAN SCARBOROUGH explains how the success of the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi last year can in great part be blamed on the lack of planning by the U.S. government for such a situation. Because no plan of response had been established for an Islamist-backed mob in Northern Africa, the Africa Command had no quick reaction forces with which it could protect the consulate.

Heritage Foundation expert on Strategic Issues MICHAELA BENDIKOVA sets the record straight on Chuck Hagel’s obfuscations on nuclear forces and arms control. In reference to a nuclear policy recommendation report he co-authored for the Global Zero advocacy group which promotes reductions in the U.S. nuclear arsenal, Michaela clarifies,  “He was very adamant that the report doesn’t say that the United States should take these steps unilaterally.  It does."

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Filling in for Frank Gaffney, Fred Grandy speaks with MIKE WALSH, a writer from the New York Post and author of The People v. The Democratic Party, about the appointment of John Brennan as director of the CIA. They discuss his alarmingly wrong intelligence predictions in the past, and his schizophrenic past policies towards interrogation issues and unmanned drone warfare.

KATHARINE GORKA, executive director of the Westminster Institute, reports on recent conference "Amplifying Muslims Voices for Reason and Reform." They discuss how the Arab Spring movement must be supported with intellectualism and education to avoid turning into a Fundamentalist Autumn.

ROWAN SCARBOROUGH, writer for The Washington Times and author of Sabotage: America’s enemies within the CIA, discusses Chuck Hagel's nomination as Secretary of Defense, his relatively isolationist views and the effect that his presence on the cabinet could have for America and her allies.

FRED FLEITZ, managing editor of, reviews a recent speech from President Assad in which he expresses somewhat delusional confidence in his quickly crumbling regime. The wisdom of continuing to send military aid in the form of tanks and small weapons to a radical leading Egypt is also discussed.

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Former CIA Officer and Center for Security Policy Fellow CLARE LOPEZ joins Frank Gaffney in talking about Egypt's new pro-Shariah constitution, as well as the U.S.'s odd tendency to accommodate the demands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

National security journalist ROWAN SCARBOROUGH of the Washington Times covers U.S. military aid to the Islamist government in Egypt and the dire effects of upcoming U.S. sequestration.

Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon discusses the chances of Chuck Hagel successfully being approved as Secretary of Defense, and how Susan Rice's personal investments would make her a poor choice of Secretary of State.'s FRED FLEITZ analyzes what the purpose of North Korea's recent satellite launch was, and how the U.S. has unintentionally given Syria a limit of violence within which they can freely operate.

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With Rowan Scarborogh, Kori Schake, Steven O'Hern, and Gordon Chang

Journalist ROWAN SCARBOROUGH discusses Benghazigate and how the Obama Administration is trying to cover-up their previous interpretation of what happened at the US consulate. He also explains how the Petraeus testimony could show how the Obama Administration intentionally misled the Amercan people.

KORI SCHAKE of the Hoover Institute looks at modern military standards and if current politics and policies are deminishing those morals and standards. In light of the recent Patraeus and Allen scandals, can our military regain its high standard of conduct which ultimately adds to American security?

Author STEVEN O'HERN talks about his new book “Iran's Revolutionary Guard: The Threat That Grows While America Sleeps” and how that threat is now on Israel's doorstep. The Obama Administration needs to open its eyes to the obvious threat Iran poses to global security, as well as be prepared to defend its Israeli ally.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG looks at China's new regime and what impact that will have on the countries economic and security capabilities. He also explains the significance of Obama's trip to Burma and pledge of support.

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With Neil Munro, Rowan Scarborough, Brett Shaefer, and Andy McCarthy

NEIL MUNRO of the Daily Caller gives his take on the White Houses murky story behind the Benghazi attack as well as Secretary Clinton accepting responsibility for the lack of security.

Journalist ROWAN SCARBOROUGH analyzes the influx of foreign fighters into Syria and the lack of action by the Obama Administration.

BRETT SHAEFER of the Heritage Foundation looks at the corruption within the UN and the high pay scale for its employees.

Former federal prosecutor ANDY McCARTHY discusses the Libyan attack and where America can go in terms of security for its embassies.

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