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About two months ago, North Korea agreed to not test any satellites, missiles or weapons in return for food aid from the United States. Was there a failure to communicate? According to Peter Brookes, there was no failure to communicate because North Korea is known for lying and being deceitful in order to get what they want. What is the impact on regional security if North Korea successfully tests this new missile? Why is Obama so adamant on removing almost 80% of America’s nuclear deterrent at a time when other countries are building up theirs? The president can only force us to relinquish our weapons.

Brazil wants respect and wants to be a major player on the world stage, but does not want the responsibility that comes along with such a role. Brazil holds a lot of resentment towards the US when it comes to how America treats Brazil, but when Brazil is called on to burden any of the cost for international programs, they retreat and call themselves a developing country. Jose Cardenas explains how the Bush administration worked to build up the US/Brazil relationship while the Obama administration is allowing it to strain and falter at a time when the Islamists are impacting Central and South America. When Hugo Chavez dies, who will take his place? Can America and Brazil work together to help stave off Islamist influence in the region?

America needs to encourage the idea of peace through strength. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman explains what that means to her and how she will promote this idea if elected to the US Senate. First, America needs to have the muscle to protect itself, its allies and its interests but we should only use the muscle after all non-military avenues have been explored. Once we decide to use force, we need to have a clear goal and provide our troops with the necessary support in order to achieve their objective. Our military needs to be well funded, well trained, and be equipped with the latest technology. How can we encourage our elected officials to share in Sarah’s view of American security?

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser has served his country with distinction in the United States Navy and continues to serve his country on the US Commission for International Religious Freedom, but Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, such as CAIR, have taken issue with his appointment. Andy McCarthy explains how Dr. Jasser represents the moderate Muslims, the ones that are not trying to promote Sharia or wage jihad, but the ones that want to live in peace with their Christian and Jewish brothers under the Constitution. What is CAIR saying and doing to denounce Dr. Jasser? Will Congress concede to the wishes of the Islamists and remove Dr. Jasser from the commission?

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One of the most fundamental rights that the Constitution supports is religious freedom. Throughout the Middle East and Africa, religious minorities are being persecuted and therefore are fleeing their native lands. What can the US do to ensure religious freedom throughout the world? Fred Grandy explains that the US needs to acknowledge the persecution and refuse to work with governments that do not protect freedom of religion. Is the right to religious freedom in America under attack from Sharia?

Americans are feeling the effects of higher gas prices; which in turn is making them question the energy security of the United States. Sarah Steelman talks about how the Obama Administration is failing to do what is needed in order to separate America from foreign oil and to promote energy security within the US. As a result of relying on foreign oil and an aging infrastructure, President Obama is essentially ignoring American energy and economic prosperity. When will he wake up and realize we must be in control of our own energy and our own economy?

Gal Luft piggybacks this topic with his analysis on the need for an open fuel standard, which would give the consumer choices as to how to fuel their automobiles. If this is such a security necessity, why is the president failing to act? It is easy to ignore rising gas prices when you drive around in a motorcade that is fueled by taxpayer money.

Louis Farrakhan spoke at UC Berkley recently and told the African-American students not to become friends with Jews because they were behind African slavery. This bigoted accusation is completely untrue and hypocritical. Charles Jacobs explains how there is still African slavery going on today, but the perpetrators are mostly other Africans and Muslims. Farrakhan claims that African-Americans should convert to Islam because it will set them free, yet he hides the fact that Islamic countries are enslaving Africans, even African Muslims.

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