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Author TAREK FATAH explains how Pakistan despises the US and therefore the US should stop pretending they are our allies. Pakistan is ruled by the military and the generals are blackmailing the US and taking advantage of Obama’s submissive attitude.

Secretary of State for the state of Kansas KRIS KOBACH talks about how Kansas has adopted a law that would prevent any foreign law to be used in Kansas courts. He also explains how the GOP party is now taking up this fight to ensure that only the US Constitution is applied to court cases.

CHRIS HOLTON from the Center for Security Policy talks about the need for states to create legislation against terrorism and sponsors of terrorism instead of leaving it to the federal government; as well as creating legislation to keep foreign laws out of state courts.

SHOSHANA BRYEN of the Jewish Policy Center explains how the US is taking a bias stance towards Egypt which is in direct conflict with our partnership with Israel.

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With Tom Donnelly, Shoshana Bryen, Ami Horowitz and Andy McCarthy


TOM DONNELLY from the American Enterprise Institute looks into sequestration’s effects on the space industry as well as how sequestration will make the U.S. dependent on China for national security capabilities in the future.


Transcript from Defending Defense: Sequestration’s Shadow on the U.S. Military and the Defense Industrial Base


SHOSHANA BRYEN, Senior Director of the Jewish Policy Center, discusses the shortcomings of the current U.S. Administration when it comes to standing by Israel and its interests. She also discusses the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States and the recurrent politicization of intelligence that has occurred as a result of interactions between the Federal Government and the CIA.


Back to the U.S.-Israel Future


Filmmaker and blogger AMI HOROWITZ discusses his new film “U.N. Me,” a powerful documentary that exposes the corruption in the United Nations and reveals how far the organization has strayed from its original purpose. "U.N. Me"--Everything the Left Doesn't Want to Know About the UN


ANDY MCCARTHY talks about the looming presence of known terrorists in the U.S., even in positions of power.  He also comments on the Huma Abedin debate, noting that Government officials need to start being realistic about such investigations rather than defensive.


In defense of Michele Bachmann, Muslim Brotherhood probes

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· AMI HOROWITZ from the Huffington Post discusses his new documentary, UN Me, which highlights the incompetence and corruption within the United Nations.

UN Me Movie

· Shoshana Bryen of The Jewish Policy Center explains a new amendment offered by Senator Mark Kirk that will look into how the United Nations Relief Work Agency is using billions of American taxpayer dollars.

Counting Palestinians

· Activist DRAN REESE discusses how the civilization jihad that faces the US is forcing religious freedom out of the country.

Salt And Light Council

· BILL GERTZ of the Washington Times takes us Inside the Ring, which highlights serious threats to American security and interests

Inside the Ring

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