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Jon Perdue spends time with Frank to explain the relationship between Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Venezuela. The Iranian Quds Force is helping to train Venezuelan forces to prevent any dissention within Venezuela.  Venezuelan military officials have claimed they will not support any new regime even if they are democratically elected. It has been reported that the IRG (Iranian Republican Guard) worked with the students that overran the British Embassy to prevent dissention within Iran. With Iran having a U.S. stealth drone, it is only a matter of time before Venezuela gets their hands on that technology. How long will it take Chavez to reverse engineer the drone? What are the implications of one of Iran’s top military officers being caught in Bolivia?

Author Stephen Hunter speaks with Frank about his new book “Soft Target.” Hard targets are heavily defended instillations whereas soft targets are civilians and instillations that are not protected such as malls. The story centers around armed terrorists taking control of a mall in America, a plotline that could very easily come to fruition. Stephen also speaks about the evolution of terrorism and how there will always be terrorists because there will always be people who are easily manipulated or bribed into committing terrorist acts. Is there any real solution to terrorism? How do we combat an enemy who is willing to die for what he believes in?

Andy McCarthy and Frank converse on the topic of submission and how the Obama Administration is enacting policy that forces American serviceman to submit to Islamic culture. The Islamists waged a domestic war for submission against America over ten years ago and are winning that war. America needs a leader that will stand up for the Constitution and American values instead of submitting to the wishes of certain communities. Andy also speaks on how the Muslim Brotherhood is creeping into Egyptian society, pushing their way into power positions in order to have a say in Egypt’s future. Finally, Andy speaks to the ridiculous allegations by Sen. Paul that American civil liberties are at risk as a result of the bill Sen. McCain and Levin. This is completely outlandish considering the bill just reinforces current law.

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