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The Hoover Institute's HENRY NAU criticizes Obama's second inauguration speech for not giving more time to the extremely critical foreign policy issues the U.S. is now facing. As Obama pivots the military to Asia, our weakened force in the Middle East means we are increasingly giving in more to hostile countries like Iran. With the U.S. leaving power vacuums behind when it refuses to take charge in situations, we shouldn't be surprised when China and Russia begin taking our place.

MARK HELPRIN of the Claremont Institute discusses the likelihood of more Benghazis to come under the current administration and the surety of a future Iranian nuclear state.

STEVEN BUCCI, Director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, argues that by more strictly regulating the internet, we'll end up with only fewer liberties and be no safer. Bucci also warns of the growing call to internationalize control of the internet by foreign nations that want their citizens to be kept from certain facts on political or religious grounds.

DIANA WEST, author of The Death of the Grown Up, talks about Hillary Clinton's work as the public face of the Obama administration's outreach to Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood members around the world.

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