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Adm. James “Ace” Lyons

November 26th, 2014 ·

Adm. James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.), former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet:


  • President Obama’s goal of fundamentally transforming America’s role in the world
  • Is there a global jihadist movement taking place?
  • Implications of the failure of U.S. leadership to understand the coherent ideology of radical Islam


  • The Benghazi Citizen’s Committee investigation
  • A controversial transfer of jurisdiction to the State Department following the murder of Amb. Chris Stevens
  • Political interests and the release of a House Intelligence report on Benghazi
  • The UAE's designation of CAIR and the Muslim-American Society as terrorist groups


  • Why China is a growing military adversary to the United States
  • The Admiral’s take on Putin and Russian aggression in Europe
  • America’s relationship with Iran, the status of the nuclear program talks, and Obama’s secret letter to Tehran


  • The shrinking U.S. Navy and Army
  • Modernization and the pursuit of advanced capabilities by such adversarial nations as China, Russia, and Iran
  • How sequestration and Obama Administration-sponsored social experiments are hampering U.S. military readiness

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Andy McCarthy, Fred Fleitz, Yoram Ettinger, Bill Roggio

November 25th, 2014 ·

FRED FLEITZ, former CIA Intelligence Analyst:

  • Why a nuclear deal would give Iran the ability to make multiple bombs
  • Difficulties the International Atomic Energy Agency is having with intrusive verification in Iran
  • Problems with the Obama Administration’s claims about Iran’s nuclear capabilities
  • Can Congress put a stop to the Iran talks?

ANDY MCCARTHY: former federal prosecutor and columnist for National Review Online

  • A prosector's take on the narrative of the altercation between Officer Wilson and Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO
  • Legal aspects behind the Ferguson grand jury’s deliberation process and ultimate decision
  • President Obama’s habitual bypassing of both the Office of Legal Counsel and Congress

Amb. YORAM ETTINGER, former Minister on Congressional Affairs at the Israeli Embassy in Washington:

  • Is the continuation of the Iranian nuclear negotiations based solely on wishful thinking?
  • Iran's focus on a strategic outcome versus the Administration's preoccupation with achieving any deal
  • Does Iran think the U.S. would never result to a military option?
  • Iran's goal of dominating the Persian Gulf

BILL ROGGIO, Managing Editor at the Long War Journal:

  • What prompted the resignation of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel?
  • The possibility that Michèle Flournoy will replace Hagel
  • Obama’s ineffective policy on America’s deteriorating nuclear stockpile
  • Changes in the rules of engagement for American troops in Afghanistan coming in 2015

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Mark Schneider, Alice Linahan, Zach Taylor, Gordon Chang

November 24th, 2014 ·


Dr. MARK SCHNEIDER, Senior Analyst at the National Institute for Public Policy:

  • Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s resignation earlier today
  • Is the American nuclear deterrence capability truly useful but inadequate?
  • The nuclear threats the U.S. could face from Russian, Chinese, and Iranian weapons modernization


ALICE LINAHAN, Vice President of Women on the Wall:

  • Effects of Obama’s Common Core curriculum on the U.S. education system
  • Controversy regarding Islamists penetrating the U.S. educational system and advancing Sharia ideology through Common Core
  • Looking at Arabic-immersion schools in Texas and around the U.S.


ZACK TAYLOR, Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers:

  • Concerns of political deception in Obama’s executive amnesty
  • The prevalence of counterfeit Social Security numbers and other legal documents confiscated from illegal aliens
  • Just how many countries are criminal illegal aliens coming from?
  • International perspectives on President Obama’s approach to rule of law


GORDON CHANG, author of “The Coming Collapse of China”:

  • China’s construction of an artificial island in the territorially disputed region of the South China Sea
  • Xi Jinping’s “New Security Architecture for Asia” taking an anti-U.S. stance
  • U.S. moral commitment to a stable and pro-Western Taiwan
  • Chinese cyber reconnaissance inside U.S. electrical companies
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Mark Krikorian, Clara Del Villar, Bill Gertz, Andrew Bostum

November 21st, 2014 ·

MARK KRIKORIAN, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies and co-author of the upcoming book “Open Immigration: Yea & Nay”:

  • How de-facto legalization is granted by the terms of Pres. Obama’s amnesty provisions
  • Security loopholes in a “broken immigration system”
  • Debating the legality of the President’s decision
  • Power of the Purse as the best Congressional option to counter amnesty

CLARA DEL VILLAR, founder and Editor in Chief of The Hispanic Post:

  • Presidential rhetoric claiming Republicans haven’t done enough to implement sustainable immigration reform
  • Does executive action further exacerbate the flaws of America’s immigration system?
  • National security concerns over ambiguous eligibility standards for deportation deferrals
  • Will the exposure of companies that hire illegal aliens hurt the U.S. economy?

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor of the Washington Free Beacon:

  • Details of a House Intelligence hearing on state-sponsered cyber threats to U.S. critical infrastructure
  • NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers' oversight of cybergames at Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base
  • A new report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Commission on expanding Chinese nuclear forces
  • Russian testing of a new submarine-launched, multiple-warhead ballistic missile, and provocative strategic bomber flights over Guam
  • Chuck Hagel’s concern about U.S. nuclear forces outlined in the Nuclear Enterprise Review

DR. ANDREW BOSTOM, author of “Shariah Versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism”:

  • Thoughts on a recent Islamic service at the the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.
  • Origins of Islamist supremacism and defamation of Judaism and Christianity in Quranic verses 3:26 and 1:7
  • Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Sayyid Qutb's Islamic conquest “bridge building” metaphor

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Sharyl Attkisson

November 20th, 2014 ·

SHARYL ATTKISSON, former investigative correspondent and author of “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington”:


  • The mainstream media's abandonment of its traditional watchdog role in favor of partisan, quasi-journalism
  • The effects of special, corporate, and political interests in the editorial policies of major news organizations
  • Are modern journalists upholding the Founders' idea of having the press serve a check-and-balance function on the government?


  • The mainstream media's underreporting of the negative consequences of Obama's amnesty plan
  • Politics, side picking, and "right and wrong" in crisis reporting
  • White House and Dept. of Justice connections to the Fast and Furious ATF gun running operation


  • A diminished Congressional role in government oversight and accountability
  • Coverage of the Obamacare fight in Sharyl Attkisson’s new book
  • An award winning journalist's experience of investigating the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack


  • Controversial speculations on the causes of the Benghazi 9/11/12 attack
  • How political conformity in the mainstream media is hindering objectivity in investigative reporting
  • Evidence of government cyber intrusions into Attkisson’s personal computers

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Diana West, Jim Hanson, Caroline Glick, Emanuele Ottolenghi

November 19th, 2014 ·

DIANA WEST, author of “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character”:

  • The National Cathedral's controversial decision to host an Islamic prayer service
  • How and why Muslim Brotherhood-connected organizations in the U.S. are taking advantage of "inter-faith dialogues"
  • Similar tradecraft methods of the former Soviet communists and Muslim Brotherhood operatives

JIM HANSON, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and former U.S. Special Operations Weapons Sergeant:

  • Predicting how the Republican-controlled Congress will react to President Obama's proposed amnesty
  • A look at the U.S. mission creep in Iraq and Syria
  • The morale of U.S. armed service members in light of a possible return to Iraq

CAROLINE GLICK, columnist at the Jerusalem Post:

  • Yesterday's synagogue massacre in Jerusalem
  • PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas’ statements on and influence over the Temple Mount controversy and recent violence in Israel
  • The tattered state of American-Israeli relations

Dr. EMANUELE OTTOLENGHI, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies:

  • A worrisome trend of growing anti-Israeli sentiments in Europe’s governing and civil society sectors
  • The latest on the Iran nuclear talks
  • Eery similarities between current U.S. tensions with Iran, and America's brinkmanship with the old USSR

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Rosemary Jenks

November 18th, 2014 ·

ROSEMARY JENKS, Director of Government Relations at NumbersUSA:


  • Assessing data of illegal aliens inside the U.S. and their politically motivated label as ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’
  • Have flawed monitoring mechanisms taken the place of successful measures documenting illegal immigration?
  • A refusal of the administration to implement certain amnesty-related legislation
  • Questions regarding Congress-appropriated funding to border security


  • A leaked document giving insight into a possible ten point plan to grant quasi-legal work permits
  • Looking back at President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program
  • Highlighting extraconstitutional actions in immigration policy
  • Deportation laws to individual states undermined by the Department of Homeland Security


  • Top GOP congressional leaders stance concerning executive amnesty
  • A look at the complexities of ethnic voting blocks
  • An omnibus spending bills effects on Congress’ power of the purse


  • Economic and employment implications of a blanket amnesty
  • Job market fluctuations with raising the minimum wage in concert with granting amnesty
  • Security concerns of amnesty amid an insecure border
  • American sovereignty in 2014
  • Voter ID laws and controversy over illegal aliens having the right to vote

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Claudia Rosett, Amb. Roger Noriega, Col. Thomas Snodgrass, Gordon Chang

November 17th, 2014 ·

CLAUDIA ROSETT, Journalist-in-Residence at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies:

  • Potential for the U.S. conceding to Iran, the right to enrich uranium to meet the November 24th deadline
  • Iranian construction of ballistic missiles to serve as delivery mechanisms for a nuclear warhead
  • Predicting a U.S./Iranian nuclear deal using the hindsight of the U.S. lead negotiators prior work with North Korea
  • Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper as the intermediary for the release of Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller from North Korean custody

Amb. ROGER NORIEGA, former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute:

  • Latin American nations granting Venezuela membership to the United Nations Security Council and bringing Cuban representation to the upcoming Summit of the Americas
  • Claims of the Cuban government engaging in human trafficking of doctors
  • Russian strategic bombers taking provocative actions in the western hemisphere
  • Havana protecting North Korea from an ICC allegation of humans rights abuses
  • Mass graves in the Guerrero state highlighting the current security challenges in Mexico

Col. THOMAS SNODGRASS, retired USAF military intelligence officer and strategy instructor:

  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s declaration of ‘volcanic’ jihad and his threats to Shiite Muslims and the Saudi royal family
  • Roles of Qatar and Turkey in the fight against the Islamic State
  • A failure to recognize the reach of the global jihad

GORDON CHANG, author of “The Coming Collapse of China”:

  • Recent Asian Summit meetings highlighting the Russian/Chinese alliance
  • Military, climate, visa, and tariff agreements struck between Washington and Beijing
  • An energy alliance with China financing Russian aggression in Ukraine
  • Recapping the three phases of Chinese military modernization
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Michael O’Hanlon

November 14th, 2014 ·

MICHAEL O’HANLON, Senior Fellow, Director of Research, and Co-Director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institution:


  • Grading the U.S. nuclear deterrent force in terms of maintenance, moral, reliability, and safety
  • Various geopolitical issues that prevent a nuclear weapon-free world
  • Urgent security concerns amid an ill-maintained American nuclear arsenal


  • Dangerous unknowns surrounding Iran's nuclear weapon capabilities
  • Will an Iran nuclear deal reset the norm on the international sanctions regime?
  • Secret underground nuclear facilities that show continued Iranian deceitfulness towards the IAEA and U.S. intelligence


  • Putin's push against the bounds of the Ukrainian ceasefire to undermine NATO
  • Possible U.S. military options in the Baltic states to deter Russian aggression


  • The role of the "Asia Pivot" in current and future U.S.-China relations
  • Rick Fisher’s three phases of China’s projection of military power
  • The need for a national consensus on immigration policy in lieu of presidential executive action
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Bill Roggio, Rick Fisher, Bill Gertz, Fred Fleitz

November 13th, 2014 ·

BILL ROGGIO, managing editor of “The Long War Journal”:

  • Restrengthening Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine
  • Realities on the ground  that impact the arming of “moderate” Syrian rebels
  • Iran’s influence in Yemen and over Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
  • A controversial new arrangement between a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group in Northern VA and the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.

RICK FISHER, Senior Fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center and author of “China’s Military Modernization: Building for Regional and Global Reach":

  • China’s hegemonic aspirations in the Asia-Pacific region and globally
  • Rapid advances in Chinese military technology and its growing share of the international arms trade
  • Ambiguities in Washington’s Taiwan policy

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor at the Washington Free Beacon:

  • The Administration’s use of arms control to constrain capabilities of the American military
  • President Obama’s troubled relationship with the American military leadership
  • How bipartisan will the new Republican Congress truly be with regards to national security policy?

FRED FLEITZ, senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy:

  • Why an Obama-Iran nuclear deal will still allow Tehran to obtain a bomb
  • The President’s secret letter to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei
  • The Truman Center and other Washington think tanks’ influence over media support for an Iranian nuclear deal

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