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Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Diana West, Soeren Kern, Tom Rogan, Jim Hanson

November 25th, 2015 ·

Dr. SEBASTIAN GORKA, Distinguished Chair of Military Theory at the Marine Corps University:

  • Seriousness of the Islamic State’s global threat
  • Growing threat of ISIS in the United States
  • How to deal with the refugee crisis and the Muslim Brotherhood

DIANA WEST, Author of “American Betrayal”:

  • Multiculturalism’s negative effect on the West
  • Immigration destroying Western culture
  • Threats coming from Canada’s acceptance of Syrian refugees

SOEREN KERN, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute:

  • Germany as a case study in the rise of European Islamic supremacism
  • Europe’s model of immigration verses that of the US
  • Angela Merkel perpetuating a public health crisis  through refugee resettlement
  • European Union’s failing model of a single currency and open borders

TOM ROGAN, Senior Fellow at the Steamboat Institute, and Columnist for National Review:

  • Islamic State’s movement to the West
  • Concern of “No Go Zones” in Europe
  • Dealing with the hijra from the Middle East

JIM HANSON, Executive Vice President of the Center for Security Policy, former operator in the U.S. Army Special Forces:

  • Identifying the ideological background of Islamic jihadists
  • Danger of the violent and pre-violent stages of jihad to America
  • Importance in the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization
  • Review of Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter jet
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Bret Stephens, Andy McCarthy, Gordon Chang, Steve Coughlin, Amb. Roger Noriega

November 24th, 2015 ·

BRET STEPHENS, Author of “American in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder”, columnist at the Wall Street Journal:

  • America’s withdrawal from global involvement
  • Administration’s deliberate emboldening of hostile actors
  • Israeli relations with President Obama

ANDY McCARTHY, former federal prosecutor:

  • Reactions to Donald Trump’s “Muslim Registry”
  • How to bring to light Sharia-adherent ideologies
  • Defeating political Islam in the United States

GORDON CHANG, author of “The Coming Collapse of China” and “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World”:

  • President Obama’s trip to Asia simply a rhetorical mute point
  • Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s actions regarding territorial disputes in the South China Sea
  • North and South Korea to engage in working-level talks
  • China’s continued bond default crisis as Hong Kong continues efforts towards economic independence

STEVE COUGHLIN, Author of “Catastrophic Failure”, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy:

  • Timeline for jihadist attacks on the West
  • Falsehoods in Obama’s “War on ISIS”
  • The West’s submission to sharia

Amb. ROGER NORIEGA, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States, Visiting Fellow at AEI:

  • Threat of ISIS infiltrating the U.S. through the southern border
  • Results and importance of Argentina’s runoff election results
  • Possible rapprochement between Buenos Aires and Washington D.C.
  • Guatemala’s newly elected “comedian” president
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Dr. Peter Navarro

November 23rd, 2015 ·

Dr. PETER NAVARRO, Author of “Crouching Tiger: What China’s Militarism Means for the World”, Professor at the University California-Irving’s School of Business:

  • What does China’s militarism really mean for the world?
  • China cloaking the “Peaceful Rise” policy


  • Upcoming release of the “Crouching Tiger” documentary
  • Chinese preparation for space warfare


  • Theft of information technology helping China’s military get ahead
  • Looking back at the OPM hacking
  • Beijing’s propaganda efforts in the US going unreciprocated by the Obama Administration


  • What is “Assassin’s Mace”?
  • China’s manufacturing ability to develop naval vessels
  • Beijing’s policy of creating external threats to maintain power
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Michel Gurfinkiel

November 20th, 2015 ·

MICHEL GURFINKIEL, Founder and President of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute (Paris), Shillman/Ginsburg Fellow at the Middle East Forum:

  • Various reasons that the Islamic State has singled out France for attacks
  • One of the Paris attackers having possibly entered Europe posing as a Syrian refugee?
  • Demographic issue in the Paris suburb of St. Denis a microcosm of the larger ethic issue in Europe


  • Implications of foreign-born generations in Europe
  • French “No-Go Zones” bearing an increasing security threat


  • Growing population of Sharia adherent Muslims in France
  • Societal implications of Jewish migration away from Europe
  • Reality check for French national security following last week's attacks


  • How the EU has affected the democracy of the member states
  • Possible risks to freedom of expression in Europe
  • Dangers of doing business with today's Russia
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Rep. Lee Zeldin, Diana West, Andy McCarthy, Fred Fleitz, Amb. Francis Rooney

November 19th, 2015 ·

Rep. LEE ZELDIN (NY-1), Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee:

  • Effects of ISIS attacks on the Western world
  • Dangers of accepting Syrian refugees into the United States
  • Advisability of Obama’s plan to bring Gitmo detainees into the US
  • Update on the Iran Nuclear Deal

DIANA WEST, author of “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault On Our Nation’s Character”:

  • Western reaction to the ISIS terror attacks in Paris
  • Civilization jihad on display in Europe
  • Inability of the West to identify the enemy
  • “Safe Space” movement on college campuses

ANDY McCARTHY, former federal prosecutor:

  • Growing population of Islamic supremacists in Europe
  • Muslim Brotherhood’s contributions to radicalizing refugees in the West
  • Huma Abedin’s family connections to radical Islamic organizations
  • Reaction to AG Loretta Lynch’s Gitmo comments

FRED FLEITZ, Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs at the Center for Security Policy, former CIA Analyst:

  • Demographic analysis of the Syrian refugee population
  • ISIS infiltration to the US through resettlement programs
  • Pre-violent movement of Civilization Jihad in America

Amb. FRANCIS ROONEY, served as U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See (Vatican):

  • Islamic State’s goal to conquer and destroy those not aligned with their Islamist doctrine
  • Italy as a porous entrance to the West for extremist operatives posing as refugees
  • Applying the Soviet Communism platform of action to defeating radical Islam
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Ted Koppel, Rep. Randy Weber, Amb. John Bolton, John Rossomando

November 18th, 2015 ·

TED KOPPEL, author of  “Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath”, and former Nightline Chief Anchor:

  • Threats of cyber terrorism to the U.S. electric grid
  • Dangers of an EMP attack to the United States


  • How did the U.S. allow the grid to be so exposed?
  • Importance of preparedness to protecting the United States
  • Nonpartisanship issue of hardening infrastructure

Rep. RANDY WEBER (TX-14), Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs:

  • Letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott about the vulnerabilities of the electric grid
  • Vetting Syrian refugees in light of recent counterterrorist activities in France
  • A need for Congress to defund the Refugee Resettlement program

Amb. JOHN BOLTON, Former U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations:

  • Terrorist raids taking place around Europe
  • Lessons the Administration can learn from Paris attacks
  • Obama’s dishonest refugee resettlement policy
  • AEI’s upcoming investigation of US-China competition in the Pacific

JOHN ROSSOMANDO, Senior Analyst at the Investigative Project on Terrorism:

  • Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups dedicated to covering up instances of radical Islam in the West
  • Discovery of Islamic State manual for their agents in the US
  • IRGC-trained Shiite fighters migrating to Europe?
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Rep. Jeff Duncan, Dr. Michael Rubin, Con Coughlin, Jim Hanson

November 17th, 2015 ·

Rep. JEFF DUNCAN (SC-3), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere:

  • Growing threat of radical jihadists to the West
  • Administration’s claim that they can screen refugees
  • Legislative and State level attempts to block refugee resettlements
  • How the Kurds can help solve the migrant crisis


  • Effects of the Obama Cuba Policy
  • Merits of placing Venezuela on the State Sponsor of Terrorism List
  • Concerns of turning Guantanamo Bay over to hostile nations
  • Importance of passing the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act

Dr. MICHAEL RUBIN, Resident Scholar at AEI:

  • Evidence of the global jihad movement’s growth
  • Update on Iran’s actions following the nuclear deal with the US
  • Effects of the hijra on western society
  • Turkey’s shift from ally to adversary following their elections

CON COUGHLIN, Defense Editor at The Daily Telegraph (London):

  • Paris attacks a wakeup call to the security crisis arising from instability in both Iraq and Syria
  • A coherent strategy to defeat ISIS must address the refugee problem
  • Rebuilding Britain’s “fighting spirit”

JIM HANSON, Executive Vice President of the Center for Security Policy, former operator in the U.S. Army Special Forces:

  • Cut Down the Black Flag” Strategy to defeat ISIS
  • How Rules of Engagement are holding back the US Military
  • Mechanisms used by France pressuring Obama to engage ISIS
  • Importance of boots on the ground in Syria
  • Dangers of intelligence sharing with the Iraqi government
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Dr. Monica Crowley, Tzvi Kahn, Patrick Dunleavy, Gordon Chang

November 16th, 2015 ·

Dr. MONICA CROWLEY, Host of the Monica Crowley Show, and Fox News Contributor:

  • Analysis of the Paris terror attacks
  • Obama’s willingness to bring Syrian refugees to the US
  • Treasonous policy of the administration concerning national security

TZVI KAHN, Senior Policy Analyst for the Foreign Policy Initiative:

  • Iran’s actions since the Obamabomb deal
  • Tehran showing contempt for the United States

PATRICK DUNLEAVY, served as Deputy Inspector General of the Criminal Intelligence Unit of New York State:

  • Several of the Charlie Hebdo attackers and enablers had served prior time at Guantanamo Bay and in the French prison system
  • Repercussions of moving Gitmo detainees onto US soil
  • Five Gitmo prisoners released to the United Arab Emirates following the weekend’s terror attacks in Paris

GORDON CHANG, Author of “The Coming Collapse of China”:

  • Effects of South Korea’s increased partnership with China
  • China’s continued aggression in the South China Sea
  • Prospects for peace in the Pacific Ocean
  • How Burma’s elections affect Beijing
  • Dangers of American negligence to space warfare
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Rep. Rob Wittman, Kevin Freeman, Bill Gertz, Stephen Coughlin

November 13th, 2015 ·

Rep. ROB WITTMAN (VA-1), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee's Readiness Subcommittee:

  • No operational US aircraft carrier present in the Persian Gulf
  • Impact of non-deterrence in the South China Sea
  • Can Congress overturn President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline?
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership concerns

KEVIN FREEMAN, CEO of Freeman Global Investment Council, author of “Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack”:

  • Ability of the Obama administration to negotiate the TPP
  • Effects of Ted Koppel’s book regarding cyber warfare to the US electric grid
  • Economic issues troubling the Saudi Royal family

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor at the Washington Free Beacon:

  • A new Russian drone submarine a threat to US ports and harbors
  • Communist China completing yet another test of its anti-satellite weaponry
  • Beijing’s complex space weapons program
  • US Air Force tasked with developing a new land-based ICBM

STEPHEN COUGHLIN, Author of “Catastrophic Failure: The Blindfolding of America in the Face of Jihad”:

  • How the Muslim Brotherhood hides behind inter-faith dialogues
  • Implications of the Countering Violent Extremism movement
  • Muslim Brotherhood’s hand in developing the CVE narrative


  • Whitewashing in US hate speech laws
  • How designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization changes the CVE narrative
  • Civilization jihad and death by one’s own hand
  • Supporting Egyptian leader el-Sisi against radical Islam
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Sen. Joni Ernst, Rick Manning, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Guy Taylor

November 12th, 2015 ·

Sen. JONI ERNST (IA-R), Member of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs:

  • Insights into Sen. Ernst’s recent visit to the Middle East
  • Possibilities of President Obama signing the NDAA
  • Obama’s insistence of bringing Gitmo detainees to the US
  • Importance of passing the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act

RICK MANNING, President of Americans for Limited Government:

  • Worrisome aspects of the Trans Pacific Partnership
  • Accountability to the TPP’s governing body
  • Possibility of China joining TPP
  • Opposition to the Fast Track Authority

Dr. PETER VINCENT PRY, Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security:

  • Reestablishment of the EMP Commission
  • Fallacies of the White House’s National Space Weather Action Plan
  • Unwillingness of electrical industries to protect the grid
  • Impact of Ted Koppel’s book regarding cyber attacks on the electric grid


  • “Blackout War”: Taking advantage of natural disasters to harm your enemy
  • The 1983 nuclear war scare with the former USSR
  • A flawed rational actor model determining American military strategy
  • An end to the Pax Americana century

GUY TAYLOR, National Security Team Leader at the Washington Times:

  • Ongoing NDAA negotiations between the administration and Congress
  • Concern regarding Obama’s lack of strategy towards defeating ISIS
  • Evidence that a bomb brought down Russian Flight 9268
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