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US Navy Vice Admiral (Ret.) Robert Monroe, an expert on nuclear matters, points out the grave dangers of reducing our nuclear forces by about as much as 80%. Monroe points out that while the United States’ current administration is determined to reduce its nuclear forces, North Korea is planning a launch of a ICBM which will soon have the capability to reach the U.S. Iran is aspiring to obtain nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and India and Pakistan are using their nuclear forces to confront each other. Is it advisable for the United States to decrease its nuclear capacity? Will the United States have sufficient forces to deter countries such as Iran and North Korea? Monroe lists what the United States should be doing to remedy this situation.

The Center for Security Policy held a conference in Chicago entitled “Faith Under Fire” and Illinois representative Joe Walsh was one of the many guests in attendance who affected by the stories he heard. It is frustrating that Washington cannot do more to protect religious minorities in the Middle East, but even when they do the Obama Administration issues an executive order that waves off congressional oversight. Secretary Clinton waved off the suspension of military aid to Egypt where Christian minorities are being persecuted because she claims that aid is of national importance. Isn’t religious freedom of national importance too? Congress must have the muscle to go after the administration for allowing aid to continue. Obama is forcing Congress to increase the pressure on presidential powers. Not only is Secretary of State Clinton using her position in a manner that is detrimental to the United States, but so is Attorney General Holder. He is failing to go after terrorists who attack Americans abroad. The administration has not gone after or even prosecuted a single Palestinian terrorist who has killed an American citizen. Finally, veterans are being sent to the back of the line when applying for jobs and using their military training in the civilian world? Who gives better training than the US military?

Andy Nagorsky discusses his new book “Hitlerland” on how people who brought Hitler to power failed to see the evil to come. He applies the scenario of Germany and Hitler’s rise to power to the rising prominence of Sharia law.  Are we failing to see the same evil that is becoming more prominent around the world? Nagorsky states that we cannot underestimate the threat of a rising spread of Islamism and Sharia.

Dr. Barry Rubin, professor at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel, joins us to examine the recent events in France where a self proclaimed jihadist killed nearly 7 people. Dr. Rubin moves on to explain the threat such Islamists pose to the Middle East, Europe and the U.S. and what the administration can do to mitigate such threats.

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