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With Rick Fisher, Kevin Freeman, David Satter and Fred Fleitz

February 20th, 2019


RICK FISHER, President of Pacific Strategies, Inc., Senior Fellow, Asian Military Affairs at the International Assessment and Strategy Center:

  • Beijing’s plan for a solar farm in space do for advance of the agenda
  • Implications of Chinese anti-satellite laser system
  • China’s plan for 5G 

KEVIN FREEMAN, Host of Economic War Room, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Author of “Game Plan” and “Secret Weapon”:

  • Why the West should not use Huawei equipment
  • Alternatives to China’s 5G 

DAVID SATTER, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, Author of The Less You Know, The Better You Sleep: Russia’s Road to Terror and Dictatorship under Yeltsin and Putin (May 2016):

  • The importance of defining socialism correctly
  • Inherent problems in socialist systems

FRED FLEITZ, President and CEO Center for Security Policy:

  • Catastrophic Venezuelan economy
  • John Bolton’s message on the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution
  • Is there growing popular resistance against the regime in Iran?
  • What to expect from the upcoming Trump-Kim summit

With Declan Ganley 

February 19th, 2019

DECLAN GANLEY, Chairman and CEO of Rivada Networks:

  • The biggest leap in wireless networks since the advent of the cell phone
  • How 5G will improve the standard of living


  • How Beijing is achieving their stated objective of global cyber dominance
  • Why mobile wireless carriers are advocating for the Chinese backed system


  • Why British intelligence is wrong about being able to mitigate the risk of using Huawei’s 5G equipment
  • Chinese manipulation of Five Eyes members


  • How to implement an open access market, the alternative to Chinese dominated 5G networks
  • Why the Chinese and network retailers are interested in preserving an obsolete model of retail mobile wireless

With Matt Brodsky, Stephen Young, Jessica Vaughan and Mike Mabee

February 14th, 2019

With Matt Brodsky, Stephen Young, Jessica Vaughan and Mike Mabee

MATTHEW BRODSKY, Senior Fellow, Security Studies Group, Senior Analyst in Wikistrat’s Analytic Community, Former Director of Policy for the Jewish Policy Center for Security Policy:

  • Takeaways from the IC’s Threat Assessment
  • Iran’s continuous threats to Israel and the U.S.
  • Details on recent Israeli strikes in Syria

STEPHEN YOUNG, Global Executive Director of Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism, Author of Moral Capitalism and The Road to Moral Capitalism, Served as Assistant Dean at the Harvard law School:

  • How did we really lose the Vietnam War?
  • Are we repeating mistakes with the Taliban?
  • Why the US must not cut out allies in war time

JESSICA VAUGHAN, Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, Former Foreign Service Officer with the State Department where she served in Belgium and Trinidad & Tobago:

  • Implications of the immigration deal on the table
  • The significance of enforcing US borders
  • Should Trump agree to terms of new immigration deal?

MIKE MABEE, Author of The Civil Defense Book: Emergency Preparedness for a Rural or Suburban Community:

  • Dangerous implications of allowing electric industries to self-regulate
  • The vulnerability of the U.S. electric grid

With Giulio Meotti, Diana West, Bill Gertz and Gbaja Polycarp

February 13th, 2019

GIULIO MEOTTI, Contributor to the Gatestone Institute, Italian Journalist:

  • Implications of the Grand Iman of Al-Azhar and Pope Francis meeting
  • Persecution of Christians in the Middle East

DIANA WEST, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Blogs at

  • The unrealistic economics of the Green New Deal
  • Dangers of the resurgence of socialism

BILL GERTZ, Senior editor at the Washington Free Beacon, Inside the Ring columnist at the Washington Times, Author of iWar: War and Peace in the Information Age (2016):

  • Beijing’s militarization of the South China Sea
  • Dangers of China’s non-kinetic warfare against the U.S.
  • China and Russia seeking to utilize Cuba for spying

GBAJA POLYCARP, Architect, Pastor and Writer in Nigeria:

  • What is at stake in the upcoming Nigeria elections
  • The brutality of Islamist militant groups in Nigeria

With Harold Rhode and Rep. Jody Hice 

February 12th, 2019

With Harold Rhode and Rep. Jody Hice 

HAROLD RHODE, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, Former Turkish Desk Officer at the US Department of Defense, Author of Modern Islamic Warfare: An Ancient Doctrine Marches On (2017):

  • The 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution
  • How Obama deserted the Iranian people


  • How the repression of Khomeini’s government has manifested itself internally
  • Why the Iranian people are fed up with the current regime


  • How Israel and the U.S. are choking the Iranian regime
  • Who are The People's Mojahedin of Iran?

REP. JODY HICE, U.S. Representative for Georgia's 10th congressional district:

  • The worsening crisis at our southern border
  • Does Trump have viable alternatives to an emergency order?

With Claudia Rosett, Stephen Bryen, Daniel Horowitz and Robert Charles

February 11th, 2019

With Claudia Rosett, Stephen Bryen, Daniel Horowitz and Robert Charles

CLAUDIA ROSETT, Foreign Affairs columnist at, Blogs at “The Rosett Report” at PJ Media:

  • Deconstructing the media frenzy over John Bolton’s notepad
  • Prospects of upcoming US-NK summit in Vietnam

STEPHEN BRYEN, President of SDB Partners, Senior Fellow in Defense Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council in D.C.:

  • Dangers of Russia’s anti-aircraft system
  • Why the US must improve missile defense capabilities
  • Review of President Trump’s Missile Defense Review

DANIEL HOROWITZ, Senior Editor at Conservative Review, Author of its “The Conservative Consciousness with Daniel Horowitz,” Former Policy Director for the Madison Project, Author of Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America:

  • How the border crisis is a real invasion
  • Should Trump drug cartels as terrorist organizations?
  • Why our national security depends on strong border protection

ROBERT CHARLES, Former Assistant Secretary of State at the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs in the Bush Administration, Author of Eagles and Evergreens:

  • Possible solutions that would end the border wall standoff
  • How drug trafficking threatens national security   

With Peter Huessy, Bill Gertz, Michael Cutler and Kyle Shideler

February 8th, 2019

With Peter Huessy, Bill Gertz, Michael Cutler and Kyle Shideler

PETER HUESSY, Director for Strategic Deterrent Studies at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, Former Senior Defense Consultant at the National Defense University Foundation, Senior Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council:

  • Russia’s violations of the INF Treaty
  • Dangers of China’s advancing missile capabilities

BILL GERTZ, Senior editor at the Washington Free Beacon, Inside the Ring columnist at the Washington Times, Author of iWar: War and Peace in the Information Age (2016)

  • Trump administration announces withdrawal from INF Treaty
  • China’s weaponization of artificial intelligence
  • Does Jeff Bezos have a communication security problem?

MICHAEL CUTLER, Retired Senior Special Agent of the former Immigration and Naturalization Services, Hosts the radio show, “The Michael Cutler Hour” on Friday evenings on BlogTalk Radio:

  • Details on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s World-Wide Threat briefing
  • The current state of border wall negotiations
  • How drug trafficking threatens national security

KYLE SHIDELER, Director of, Former Director of the Threat Information Office at the Center for Security Policy, Former Director of Research and Communications at the Endowment for Middle East Truth:

  • How does Qatar exert such massive influence globally?
  • Why Qaradawi should be labeled a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist

With Luke Rosiak

February 7th, 2019

With Luke Rosiak

LUKE ROSIAK, Investigative Reporter at The Daily Caller, Author of Obstruction of Justice: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats:

  • Overview of the House IT Scandal
  • The complicity or negligence of Congressional staff members in this case


  • Implications of Imran Awan consistently accessing the House Democratic Caucus server
  • What role does Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz play in this case?
  • Reasons to believe the Awan family has ties to Pakistani Intelligence


  • Is it possible Awan accessed highly sensitive information?
  • The Awan brothers’ background in extortion and blackmail


  • What motivated Republican staff members to help cover up this scandal?

With Taysir Abu Saada, Diana West, Trevor Loudon and Russ Dallen

February 6th, 2019

With Taysir Abu Saada, Diana West, Trevor Loudon and Russ Dallen

Taysir Abu Saada, Chairman and CEO Hope for Ishmael, Author of Once an Arafat Man:

  • The intended reach and impacts of the Hope for Ishmael organization

DIANA WEST, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Blogs at

  • The significance of President Trump’s State of the Union address
  • Trump presents critical dichotomies to Democrats in the House
  • How to counter the Anti-American enemy within

TREVOR LOUDON, Creator of The Enemies Within (out September 2016), Author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within (2011) and The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress:

  • Trump vows the US will never turn Socialist
  • Why the Left must be defunded
  • We must call out radicals in Congress

RUSS DALLEN,  President & Editor in Chief at The Latin American Herald Tribune, Head of the international investment bank, Caracas Capital Markets, Served as President of Venezuela’s “The Daily Journal”:

  • How Maduro and Socialism destroyed Venezuela
  • The significance of major nations supporting opposition leader Guaido
  • Do economic sanctions alone work?

With Fred Fleitz, Fred Galvin, Joseph Humire and Kevin Freeman

February 5th, 2019

FRED FLEITZ, President and CEO Center for Security Policy, Former CIA analyst, Former Chief of Staff for Amb. John Bolton in the State Dept., Author of The Coming North Korea Nuclear Nightmare: What Trump Must to Reverse Obama’s Strategic Patience (2018):

  • Consequences of intelligence officials critiquing Trump’s North Korea plan
  • Dangers of officials undermining Trump’s foreign policy agendas
  • A review of President Trump’s Iran policies

FRED GALVIN, Commander of the MARSOC 7, Also working with Rep. Walter Jones to have the Commandant award the MARSOC 7 the newly approved raider insignia, Maj. Galvin (Ret.) has fought for eleven years to have the MARSOC 7 fully exonerated:

  • The vindication of MARSOC 7
  • Recent 12-page report from Department of Navy exonerating MARSOC 7 team

JOSEPH HUMIRE, Executive Director of the Center for a Secure Free Society, Former Director of Institute Relations at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Author of Iran’s Strategic Penetration of Latin America (2014):

  • Is the Venezuelan military the deciding factor in future of the country?
  • Why Russia and China continue to prop up Maduro 

KEVIN FREEMAN, Host of Economic War Room, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Author of “Game Plan” and “Secret Weapon”:

  • Strategic implications of China’s economic manipulations in Venezuela
  • Consequences of Beijing’s advancing surveillance tactics