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Al Fadi, Caroline Glick, Col. Kurt Schlichter, Gordon Chang

June 25th, 2012 ·

With Al Fadi, Caroline Glick, Col. Kurt Schlichter, and Gordon Chang


·         AL FADI of the Qur’an Project Group discusses his work in teaching Muslims and non-Muslims alike about the true meanings of the Qur’an. He also discusses the recent election of a Muslim Brother to the Egyptian presidency, and what that could mean for U.S. national security.

The Egyptian Election – Who’s The Winner?


·         CAROLINE GLICK of the Center for Security Policy analyzes the detrimental consequences of the newly elected Egyptian president and illuminates the dangers that Turkey represents as another country with a leader from the Muslim Brotherhood.

 Election of Islamist as Egyptian president raises concerns in Israel


·         COL. KURT SCHLICHTER of the California Army National Guard talks about how defense cuts will cause an increased reliance on the Army Reserves and the National Guard. Since the 9/11 attacks, the Reserves and the National Guard have been on the front lines of our fight for national security.

Reservists' Role Will Grow in Future U.S. Wars


·         GORDON CHANG of discusses life in North Korea, China’s military space program, and developments in the current conflict in the South China Sea.

‘Marked for Life’ in North Korea | World Affairs Journal


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Caroline Glick, Sen. Jon Kyl, Steve Groves, Peggy Mast

May 16th, 2012 ·

·         CAROLINE GLICK from the Center for Security Policy explains Israel’s new coalition government and the impact it will have on relations with the Palestinians and Iranians.

First thoughts on the unity government

·         SENATOR JON KYL educates us on the need for a strong missile defense system and how Obama has given false promises to the US Congress and the American people.

Jon Kyl: Missile Defense Is Self-Defense -

·         STEVE GROVES of the Heritage Foundation enlightens us on the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and how it will ruin American sovereignty and economic freedom.

U.N. Law of the Sea: U.S. Accession Unnecessary to Secure Oil and Gas Resources

·         Kansas State House of Representative PEGGY MAST discusses the need for only allowing American laws into American courts and how the Constitution must be protected along with the citizens of the United States of America.

American Laws for American Courts Wins Major Bipartisan Victory in Kansas Legislature

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Lisa Curtis, Tim Lister, Caroline Glick, Gordon Chang

April 23rd, 2012 ·

Recent attacks in Afghanistan were meant to kill Afghan security forces as well as ruin the will of the ISAF forces in country, but according to Lisa Curtis this plan backfired miserably. Pakistan is failing to crackdown on safe havens for terrorists thereby jeopardizing the US and coalition mission in Afghanistan. When will the administration start cracking down the Pakistan’s complacency?

Sexual entrapment, financial blackmail and family pressure are all techniques used in espionage and put national security in serious jeopardy. What can be done to ensure our government is giving security clearances to people who will not become subjects of such forms of blackmail? Tim Lister explains that many of the agencies that do background checks are so overworked that people are falling through the cracks. How secure is our nations’ secrets?

The situation in Egypt has gone from bad to worse since the fall of Mubarak and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Caroline Glick clarifies how the Muslim Brotherhood will not work with Israel and the United States the way that Mubarak did and therefore putting Israeli security and American interests at risk. Why is Obama encouraging the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood?

India successfully tested a missile that can reach any part of China which led the Chinese to frantically discredit the missile because they have no actual response to the growing Indian threat. Gordon Chang evaluates the notion of transferring “dual usage” technology to the Chinese which they would most likely use for their military efforts. Is Obama trying to strengthen our enemies on purpose?

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Caroline Glick, Ariel Cohen, Clare Lopez, Gordon Chang

March 5th, 2012 ·

It would be criminal for Israel to leave their fate in the hands of another country therefore how can they allow Obama to handle the Iranian situation? The president has pressured Israel not to attack Iran until after the presidential elections and he assured Israel that he would deal with this situation and that Israel would be safe. This is coming from a man who was kicking and screaming in order to avoid sanctioning Iran, and only did so after Congress and the European Union pressured him. Obama’s track record for trust when it comes to Israeli security is lackluster at best. Vice-President Biden warned the American Jewish community that they should not make Israel an election topic because Obama would be re-elected and he would remember this, is that a threat? Israel cannot afford to wait until after the presidential elections to attack Iran because Iran is already moving critical nuclear components into a fortified military instillation, thereby making an attack more difficult. Caroline Glick gives further analysis to troubling situation.

Vladimir Putin’s recent “victory” is a bad sign for both Russia and the United States. Putin claimed 63.4% of the vote, after he essentially forced government employees and companies receiving government contracts to vote for him. Russian protests did not mobilize enough people to show Putin that he does not have the support of the populous. Putin’s vision for Russia is “state-capitalism” which means there is a level of free enterprise among the smaller businesses, but the major sectors such as gas and transportation, are in the hands of Putin’s cronies which are former KGB officers. Putin is not playing ball on missile defense, Syria or Iran and in his victory speech, he claimed that he defeated those who want to see the destruction of mother Russia. This statement is made in reference to the United States support for opposition candidates in Russia. Ariel Cohen gives his analysis on the future of Russia and the security implications for the United States.

President Obama has profusely apologized to President Karzai and the Afghan people over the accidently burning of Qurans at a US military base in Kabul. These Qurans were mistakenly burned and when the soldiers realized what was happening, they reached into the flames to pull the books out, yet our president still denounces their actions. These books were used to transmit messages among prisoners, which in Islam is a sin because no one is allowed to write or defile the Quran. These prisoners, who claim to be fighting for Allah, are disrespecting their own holy book yet no one wants to mention this. Also, no one wants to mention that throughout the Muslim world Bibles and Torahs are burned everyday on purpose but when a few Qurans are accidently burned and saved from the fire it causes a huge uproar that results in protests and killings. Now our president is even talking about possibly holding those soldiers criminally responsible and turning them over to a Sharia court; what group of people does Obama work for the Afghan people or the American people? Clare Lopez fills us in on the disturbing details.

What would happen if the Chinese economy collapsed? Recently, the Chinese Premier has lowered China’s growth from 8.0% to 7.3% which is the lowest it’s been in a decade. Gordon Chang claims “china is slowing down fast” and so far this year their growth has been limited to 0-1% which is causing civil unrest. The Communist party has based their legitimacy on economic growth and what fueled that 35 year growth is no longer there. The global market is no longer benign and the work force that propelled China’s economy has aged and is a tax on the economy is helped build. As a result, China has closed of their automotive market to foreign manufacturers forcing the populous to buy domestic cars. This has hurt foreign manufacturers who had bet on the Chinese market, but even Chinese manufacturers are hurting because people aren’t buy cars anymore do to the economic slowdown. Unfortunately, China’s military might resort to misadventures in order to deflect attention away from a possible economic collapse.

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Michael Gonzalez, Fred Kagan, Caroline Glick, Gordon Chang

November 7th, 2011 ·

What does it take to be Commander-in-Chief of the United States? Barack Obama dazzled voters in 2008 having spent time in other countries and being the son of a Kenyan, but it has become apparent that this global knowledge does not necessarily translate into foreign policy. Heritage Foundation’s Michael Gonzalez explains the shortcomings of the Obama’s policies which have included calling for Israel to push back to the ’67 borders and trying to work with the Iranian dictatorship.

Next, Fred Kagan from the American Enterprise Institute explains why America has lost Iraq because the Obama Administration decided not to push for continued American presence after the end of 2011. Iran has won Iraq over America because with no American influence, Iran is free to come in and sway Iraqi politics and security. The Bush Administration pushed for continued American influence and handed those negotiations over to the Obama Administration which has turned their back and wiped their hands of Iraq. With US forces preparing to leave, al-Qaeda is showing a resurgent as well as local militias within Iraq. Also, cooperation between Sunnis and Shiites has broken along with political inclusiveness. Barack Obama has been able to steal defeat from the jaws of victory.

In segment three, Caroline Glick gives her insights on the prospect of Israel striking Iran’s nuclear installations. “Israel doesn’t talk about existential threats; we take care of them…We have to take care of business.”  Caroline feels that the rumors surrounding a possible Israeli strike on Iran is just that, rumors perpetrated by journalists who like to hype of stories. Israel is doing what it needs to do to protect itself in a very hostile region and although there may be discussions pertaining to possible strikes, the government will not advertise it but just go do it. This is smart foreign policy, not aggressiveness but protecting one’s own existence.

Weekly Asian correspondent Gordon Chang rounds out today’s show with his insights on the growing Chinese threat. America does not fully nor appropriately understand the Chinese threat because America does not actually listen to their policies. As long as America ignores Chinese policies and actions, the United States will always be at risk for conflict. Whether it is in cyberspace or through conventional means, America must acknowledge the Chinese threat and start to take actions to counter such threats and put America’s allies in the region at ease that the United States will come to their aid if needed. China wants to use their financial muscle to make Europe their ally, instead o the United States. If Europe turns to China for financial assistance, what would China get in return? China would like to get weapons from the Europeans that were originally purchased from the United States. The Chinese regime is also proud of their one child policy because it is another way for them to control the population and intrude on the lives of the citizens. Forced abortions and sterilization are rampant which could give rise to political instability as well as economic instability as the population ages.

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Caroline Glick, Ken Timmerman, Gordon Chang

October 3rd, 2011 ·

What impact does Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta’s comments that Israel is “increasingly isolated” and has not down enough to reach out to other nations mean for Israel and its neighbors in the region? After his speech at the UN, President Obama’s approval rating amongst Israelis soared. They believed that he was finally going back on his hostile policies towards Israel and would firmly support a veto of a Palestinian state. Caroline Glick opens today’s show commenting on the Secretary of Defense’s remarks and how Turkey has a new desire to sabotage Israeli interests.

What does it mean that top Republican taxpayer advocate, Grover Norquist is mixing with some unsavory people including those with ties to Muslim Brotherhood front groups? One of the top investigative journalists, Ken Timmerman, joins Secure Freedom Radio for two informative segments about his experiences with Grover Norquist and his Muslim protégé. In the late 1990s, Norquist became interested in the Middle East and Iran, and thus, set up the Islamic Free Market Institute in Washington, DC. He founded this institute with money and support from various Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Additionally, he founded the institute with the Palestinian-born Kuwaiti, Khaled Saffuri who also served as the executive director of the American Muslim Council along with the financial terrorist, Abdulrahman Alamoudi. After reports were published in the Washington Times detailing the shady background of many of Norquist’s associates, he stormed into the Washington Times’ offices and demanded an immediate retraction.

What does Grover Norquist gain from aligning himself with such distasteful people? Timmerman believes that Norquist is busy running an influence campaign. He is using his associations to try and push his agents forward into the limelight. One of these agents, David Ramadan is currently a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates. Ramadan immigrated to the US from Lebanon at a time when Hezbollah was still in control of the nation. His parents sent him to the United States to gain a better education. However, due to financial reasons, he married a Shia woman in 1994, whose father worked as a general in the Lebanese intelligence services. These sort of personal connections are not random occurrences, argues Timmerman, but are planned way in advance in order to further an agenda.

Resident China expert here at Secure Freedom Radio and writer at, Gordon Chang discusses the slowing down of the Chinese economy and the problems it will create for international trade. Chang describes how the Chinese economy continues to grow slightly on a year on year comparison, but is flat-lining when compared on a month to month basis. In order to absorb all of the new people entering the workforce, the Chinese economy needs to grow by at least eight or nine percent. The nation’s economy is currently facing not only local debt, but also the reduction of cargo exports to the United States. If the economy does not continue to grow, China will face an upswing of violent anti-government protests as people foster more and more resentment towards the Communist government. Although the media portrays China as the engine of the world’s economy, it actually leeches on other nations’ economies, especially the United States. According to reports, the United States has lost over 2.8 million jobs to China’s trade policies. How can we continue to allow our economy to suffer under the hands of the People’s Republic of China?

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Pratish Shah, Caroline Glick, Rep. Sue Myrick, Gordon Chang

September 19th, 2011 ·

Is it possible to train our soldiers in combat situations without physically putting them through the trials of war? Director of Marketing for Quantum3D, Pratish Shah, says that his company already has a solution to this dilemma. The Expedition DI is a 3D digital combat simulator that puts combat soldiers in real life war simulations. The combat soldiers wear a head mounted display and a visual computer backpack that creates virtual imagery in any virtual world situation. The simulator is able to create the same environments such as marketplaces in Iraq and Afghanistan that would test combat soldiers’ ability to distinguish between civilians and enemies. This level of confusion or “fog of war,” have helped deployed soldiers in preparing them for realistic urban or rural warfare situations, as well as re-hone the skills of recently returned combat fighters. Shah says that the simulator is so realistic that troops are winded and sweating after being fully immersed in these combat situations. The value of the Expedition DI was recognized as the Industry’s first self-contained combat infantry simulator and honored with an editor’s choice award from Military Embedded Systems.

Next, Senior Fellow for Middle East Affairs at the Center for Security Policy and deputy managing editor for The Jerusalem Post, Caroline Glick joins Frank to discuss the UN follies occurring regarding a solution to Palestinian statehood. Glick believes that this debate in front of the UN will only amount in escalated attacks against Israel. Additionally, she imagines that the conflict will drag out for weeks or months, in which time the UN will extract sufficient concessions from Israel to shut up Palestine. The current debate is not necessarily Palestinian statehood, as the UN has already twice recognized Palestine, but whether or not Palestine has a standing in the International Criminal Court, argues Glick. Furthermore, Israel is undermining its own leverage and the leverage of its international friends in the Israel-Palestine conflict as it refuses to cut off aid to Palestine. While some believe that Mahmoud Abbas, the current President of the Palestinian National Authority, has agreed to a two-state solution, Glick refutes these claims. In her view, Abbas has continually provided Hamas with funding and has tried to instigate political warfare and the destruction of the Israeli state.

The Honorable Representative Sue Myrick of North Carolina’s 9th district spends a little time with Secure Freedom Radio to talk about the recent intelligence hearings on the situation of al Qaeda ten years after the 9/11 attacks. As Chairman of the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Terrorism, Human Intelligence, Analysis and Counterintelligence, Rep. Myrick considers these hearing to be a good step in getting the two committees together in open dialogue about the situation. While she states that al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan have been sufficiently weakened, she is worried that the organization is trying to recruit Americans to join in the effort to bring down the United States. This makes the situation even direr, as we no longer know who they are or where they are. Rep. Myrick urges the Obama administration to pay more attention to this matter and fully dedicate them to a counter-radicalization program. Rather than focusing on the growing Islamist influence abroad and in our own nation, however, the administration is trying to shut down any viewpoint on the issue that contradicts the administration’s own viewpoint.

Writer for and weekly regular at Secure Freedom Radio, Gordon Chang concludes today’s show enlightening us on the growing tensions over the South China Sea. China has claimed all of the South China Sea as its own internal lake. This poses a great threat to international trade, as 50% of the world’s cargo shipping passes through the South China Sea. This declaration by China of ownership of the South China Sea and its drilling in the South China Sea also challenge the United States’ dedication to freedom of navigation. Moreover, Chang gives us an insight into the change of opinion happening in the Philippines. When its nice policies have failed to pacify Beijing, the leadership of the Philippines has reached out to the United States military.

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Caroline Glick, Luke Bencie, Gordon Chang

August 29th, 2011 ·

On today’s edition of Secure Freedom Radio, Frank is concerned that while we may be distracted by hurricanes and earthquakes, our country continues on course toward European style multiculturalism and “diversity,” allowing groups like the Muslim Brotherhood to systematically destroy the West from within.  Call him crazy, he says, but as the Director of National Intelligence relies on Muslim Brotherhood for “advice, counsel and wisdom,” the new Obama strategy for local law enforcement requires collaborating with enemy front organizations, and Hillary Clinton works with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to curb expression that will have “negative consequences for Muslims,” Frank merely points out the sinister goals of these organizations, namely a global caliphate.  While the Left collaborates with totalitarian states, Frank is inclined to listen to the warnings of Mark Steyn, Bat Ye’or and Andy McCarthy who are not disillusioned by a post-modernist and post-nationalist ideology that capitulates to civilization jihad.  It is past the time for Americans to awaken to the dangers of Shariah.

Caroline Glick, of the Jerusalem Post, joins Frank to discuss the recent attacks on Israel from the Sinai Peninsula, where the Egyptian military is turning a blind eye to the increasingly lawless area.  Once a buffer for Israel’s security, the August 18th attack from Sinai has proved the nefarious situation our ally finds itself in the wake of Egypt’s Arab Spring.  The Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy says Israel must resist requests to amend its longstanding peace treaty with Egypt, which would only invite more aggression from its adversaries.  Glick also informs on the upcoming UN General Assembly vote for a Palestinian state and why “anything less than a complete veto would be unacceptable” from the President.

Next, Luke Bencie, Managing Director of Security Management International, explains the growing phenomenon of industrial espionage and how he protects government and business from this little known threat.  In this past year, $300 billion in intellectual property was stolen or attempted to be stolen.  Whether state-sponsored or private industrial espionage, “old school KGB” style thieves are stealing secrets and selling to the highest bidder, says Bencie, whose company works to equip companies to meet this risk.  Bencie, the public point-of-contact for all new business inquires at SMI, also gives tips for keeping your secrets safe given the many ways we are vulnerable as “gaining access to your email information while you’re ‘WiFi-ing’ in the lounge is pretty easy to compromise,” he says.

Finally, Gordon Chang, of Forbes, gives us his weekly China update, where the latest wikileaks cable could prove the most detrimental to America’s security.  The document, sent by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last January to the embassies of Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand, warned against an impending Chinese nuclear missile launch.  The question Chang asks is how did we know?  With a retired People’s Liberation Army General, Xu Guangyu, stating “if China could no longer keep secret its missile launches, it would not be able to launch a surprise attack on the US,” it is clear what the Communist country has been planning and “we ignore at our own peril,” says Chang.

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Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Baker Spring, Caroline Glick, Andy McCarthy

August 9th, 2011 ·

Could the old Chinook aircraft supplied by the National Guard to answer a call for help from US military men have been the cause of the tragic helicopter crash in Afghanistan that killed 30 US soldiers, including 22 elite Navy SEALs? Former US Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin joins Frank to reflect on this event and how he believes that the crash was a result of the dated Boeing Chinook being used in assault operations. He also discusses that the change in strategy from traditional military build-up to a focus on implementing Special Forces will be detrimental to protecting the United States from the threats of our enemies.

Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and one of the leading authorities in the US on arms control, Baker Spring enlightens Secure Freedom Radio on the two major elements of the debt-ceiling bill: the cuts happening now until 2021 and the cuts that will happen if the Super Committee fails in approving further cuts. Moreover, he probes into the failure of Congress to establish a permanent baseline for defense cuts. Spring also offers his opinions on the Russian reset mechanism being employed to explore US weaknesses and advance Russian interests.

Next, Editor of The Jerusalem Post and Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Caroline Glick comments on the social protests instigated by the radical left in Israel. She examines how the protests are an example that the leftist media can easily manipulate the public. Glick further probes the issue of the deregulation of industries in Israel over the past 20 years and the media’s role in shielding the public from an explanation of the advantages of a free market economy.

Contributing Editor for the National Review Online and weekly guest on Secure Freedom Radio, Andy McCarthy concludes today’s show by discussing his recent article, “Christie’s ‘Crazies.” McCarthy enlightens us on how New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, recently appointed an Islamist, Sohail Mohammed, as an attorney in New Jersey’s Superior Court.

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Robert Spencer, Caroline Glick, Daniel Silva, Jim Hanson

July 27th, 2011 ·

In his 1,500 page manifesto, Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik outlined his desire for partnerships with jihadists, as well as singled out those people he felt unjustly persecuted his fellow extremists. One of the people blamed in his declaration for the oppression of Muslims was Robert Spencer, a prominent author and the director of Jihad Watch. Robert joins Frank to discuss how the media continues to insist that his resistance to jihadist activities fuels anti-Muslim sentiments. Next, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and expert on the Middle East, Caroline Glick discusses how to bridge the differences between 1st Amendment rights and the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s desire to suppress any sort of free expression against all Muslims. She also gives us her take on anti-democratic followers of Sharia law and their violent methods to achieve with a gun what they cannot achieve with federal laws. New York Times #1 best-selling author, Daniel Silva then gives Secure Freedom Radio an inside look into his new spy novel, Portrait of a Spy. He details how the CIA recruits his main character, Gabriel Allon to mount an operation against an American-born imam. Ironically, the situation played out in Silva’s novel directly parallels the life of Anwar al-Awlaki. Lastly, regular guest; Jim Hanson gives us his “boots on the ground” perspective on the terrorist attack on Norway and how Anders Breivik meticulously planned out his attack for almost nine years.

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