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Caroline Glick, Ken Timmerman, Gordon Chang

October 3rd, 2011

What impact does Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta’s comments that Israel is “increasingly isolated” and has not down enough to reach out to other nations mean for Israel and its neighbors in the region? After his speech at the UN, President Obama’s approval rating amongst Israelis soared. They believed that he was finally going back on his hostile policies towards Israel and would firmly support a veto of a Palestinian state. Caroline Glick opens today’s show commenting on the Secretary of Defense’s remarks and how Turkey has a new desire to sabotage Israeli interests.

What does it mean that top Republican taxpayer advocate, Grover Norquist is mixing with some unsavory people including those with ties to Muslim Brotherhood front groups? One of the top investigative journalists, Ken Timmerman, joins Secure Freedom Radio for two informative segments about his experiences with Grover Norquist and his Muslim protégé. In the late 1990s, Norquist became interested in the Middle East and Iran, and thus, set up the Islamic Free Market Institute in Washington, DC. He founded this institute with money and support from various Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Additionally, he founded the institute with the Palestinian-born Kuwaiti, Khaled Saffuri who also served as the executive director of the American Muslim Council along with the financial terrorist, Abdulrahman Alamoudi. After reports were published in the Washington Times detailing the shady background of many of Norquist’s associates, he stormed into the Washington Times’ offices and demanded an immediate retraction.

What does Grover Norquist gain from aligning himself with such distasteful people? Timmerman believes that Norquist is busy running an influence campaign. He is using his associations to try and push his agents forward into the limelight. One of these agents, David Ramadan is currently a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates. Ramadan immigrated to the US from Lebanon at a time when Hezbollah was still in control of the nation. His parents sent him to the United States to gain a better education. However, due to financial reasons, he married a Shia woman in 1994, whose father worked as a general in the Lebanese intelligence services. These sort of personal connections are not random occurrences, argues Timmerman, but are planned way in advance in order to further an agenda.

Resident China expert here at Secure Freedom Radio and writer at, Gordon Chang discusses the slowing down of the Chinese economy and the problems it will create for international trade. Chang describes how the Chinese economy continues to grow slightly on a year on year comparison, but is flat-lining when compared on a month to month basis. In order to absorb all of the new people entering the workforce, the Chinese economy needs to grow by at least eight or nine percent. The nation’s economy is currently facing not only local debt, but also the reduction of cargo exports to the United States. If the economy does not continue to grow, China will face an upswing of violent anti-government protests as people foster more and more resentment towards the Communist government. Although the media portrays China as the engine of the world’s economy, it actually leeches on other nations’ economies, especially the United States. According to reports, the United States has lost over 2.8 million jobs to China’s trade policies. How can we continue to allow our economy to suffer under the hands of the People’s Republic of China?

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