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With Fred Grandy, Raymond Stock, Chris Holton, and Bill Gertz

FRED GRANDY and BILL GERTZ analyze recent developments in the Benghazigate affair. Why ddi the president not give the resources that were requested by the consulate? Academic RAYMOND STOCK discusses the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their influence in the United States. CHRIS HOLTON explains Sharia finance and how certain US companies are providing financial support for endeavors which further the implementation of Sharia in America.

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Center for Security Policy’s CHRIS HOLTON joins Frank to discuss the controversial issue of hydraulic fracking and it’s upcoming starring role in Matt Damon’s new film. They also discussed the history of fracking and how oil producing countries are opposed to it because it hurts the value of their petrol-dollars. Finally, Chris Holton talked about the bank HSBC and its Sharia finance practices in the Middle East

RICHARD THOMPSON, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, stops by the show today to talk about General Martin Dempsey’s excoriation of Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley’s apparently “offensive” classes on Islam at the Joint Forces Staff College at the National Defense University.  Mr. Thompson is representing Lt. Col. Dooley.

ADAM KREDO of the Washington Free Beacon analyzes the Obama administration’s repeated assertion that Al Qaeda is a “thing of the past.” Kredo argues that Al Qaeda as we know it is certainly weakened, but its ideology remains as strong as ever and is currently popping up in different groups under new names. Kredo also talks about the furor that has arisen over the U.S. government’s choice to be represented at a human rights forum in Poland by MPAC executive director Salam Al Marayati, a man who considers Israel to be a suspect for 9/11.

FRED FLEITZ, executive editor of LIGNET, talks about Wednesday’s Congressional hearing on the September 11th attack in Libya. Testimony that embassy staff was aware of the deteriorating situation and repeatedly asked for additional resources, as well as comments from a State Department press conference on Tuesday, served to completely discredit the Obama administration’s original claim that the attack was due to radicals hijacking a protest.

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Author TAREK FATAH explains how Pakistan despises the US and therefore the US should stop pretending they are our allies. Pakistan is ruled by the military and the generals are blackmailing the US and taking advantage of Obama’s submissive attitude.

Secretary of State for the state of Kansas KRIS KOBACH talks about how Kansas has adopted a law that would prevent any foreign law to be used in Kansas courts. He also explains how the GOP party is now taking up this fight to ensure that only the US Constitution is applied to court cases.

CHRIS HOLTON from the Center for Security Policy talks about the need for states to create legislation against terrorism and sponsors of terrorism instead of leaving it to the federal government; as well as creating legislation to keep foreign laws out of state courts.

SHOSHANA BRYEN of the Jewish Policy Center explains how the US is taking a bias stance towards Egypt which is in direct conflict with our partnership with Israel.

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With Rep. Duncan Hunter, Frank Wuco, Chris Holton, and Jim Hanson

CONGRESSMAN DUNCAN HUNTER talks about the security leaks that put our nation at risk and what Congress needs to do to ensure that people do not play politics with our national defense.

Radio host FRANK WUCO elaborates on Rep. Hunter’s analysis on the security leaks and explains that if the Army can find Bradley Manning then the FBI should have no problem figuring out who in the Obama Administration is divulging classified information.

CHRIS HOLTON of the Center for Security Policy discusses Sharia finance and how jihadists are using economics and our banks to wage financial warfare on the West and spread the control of Islam.

Former Green Beret JIM HANSON analyzes the increased naval presence in the Gulf and what message that sends to the Iranians and the world at large.

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