Rep. Duncan Hunter, Frank Wuco, Chris Holton, Jim Hanson

With Rep. Duncan Hunter, Frank Wuco, Chris Holton, and Jim Hanson

CONGRESSMAN DUNCAN HUNTER talks about the security leaks that put our nation at risk and what Congress needs to do to ensure that people do not play politics with our national defense.

Radio host FRANK WUCO elaborates on Rep. Hunter’s analysis on the security leaks and explains that if the Army can find Bradley Manning then the FBI should have no problem figuring out who in the Obama Administration is divulging classified information.

CHRIS HOLTON of the Center for Security Policy discusses Sharia finance and how jihadists are using economics and our banks to wage financial warfare on the West and spread the control of Islam.

Former Green Beret JIM HANSON analyzes the increased naval presence in the Gulf and what message that sends to the Iranians and the world at large.

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