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Fred Grandy starts today’s show with his weekly wrap-up. Fred gives his analysis on the recent presidential debate as well as Newt Gingrich’s statement pertaining to Sharia. Fred also explains that Afghan Security Forces are turning their weapons on their instructors, US, NATO or French forces. This breach in security needs to be addressed; America is essentially running a de-facto jihad training camp because these jihadists are using American training to kill Americans. Is now really the time to start pulling out of Afghanistan?

David Yerushalmi explains the need for the American Freedom Law Center, which he just founded, as the first Judeo-Christian public interest law firm. The law center focuses on offensive as well as defensive lawfare against the threat from Sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood. Is the threat so great that America needs such organizations? Sharia is an existential threat around the world; it motivates the global jihad and groups such as CAIR, the OIC and the Muslim Brotherhood. The OIC wants to establish anti-blasphemy laws in America, which is the first step to a Sharia compliant government. Will the American government institute such a law that is in direct conflict with the First Amendment? Have there been instances where Sharia has found its way into American courts?

Nuclear arms expert Elbridge Colby spends time with Frank to explain the need to maintain America’s strategic triad, which is our deterrence from a nuclear strike. The triad consists of submarines, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) and B-52 and B-2 bombers. America must think long term; we do not know what future threats there will be therefore we must maintain this triad to ensure security for America and our allies. Each leg of the triad is used to ensure a quick counterstrike to an attack against homeland America, our forces or our allies. No one can attack America without reprisal and that security must be maintained. We cannot be the only country without nuclear weapons and we cannot convince other nations to remove their weapons, so we must maintain ours. Isn’t it necessary to be able to counter an attack on America?

The triad is cheap in comparison to other programs and force resources. America has not tested a nuclear weapon since 1992, how affective are they at this point? We need to test these systems to ensure they are in proper working condition as well as modernize our force structure. Mr. Colby finishes the interview with his take on the need to develop modern bunker buster bombs as another deterrent so enemies don’t feel they can hide after an attack.

Washington Times columnist Bill Gertz takes us “Inside the Ring.” US military officials are showing concern of the possibility that the president may sign the European Unions’ Code of Conduct, which would curtail American military space technology. What is the real situation with the Code of Conduct? Will the administration sign this agreement and what will that mean for American security? Finally, Bill shares his opinion about the Iranian nuclear situation and the US governments’ passive role on it.

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Jamie Fly, Executive Director of Foreign Policy Initiative, joins Frank to discuss the latest debt ceiling compromise and to what extent the Defense budget will be cut. Fly notes that in the initial stages the details are few, however, the two phases of the compromise appear to amount close to $1 trillion in cuts, over 10 years. “It hasn’t been defense that has been ballooning over the last few years,” says Fly, rather that the Department has actually been shrinking, in lieu of an expanding domestic agenda. With an Administration that prefers providing food stamps to providing for the common defense, Fly relates the debate with the determination of what role in the world the U.S. will have in the future.

Then, David Yerushalmi gives his response to a scathing article from the New York Time’s, which names him the “Man Behind the Anti-Shariah Movement.” The Times rebukes Yerushalmi’s attempts to uphold the Constitution by introducing the American Laws for American Courts Act that prohibits the use of International law in the U.S. The paper paints Yerushalmi, who provides General Counsel to the Center for Security Policy, as a fear monger, while dismissing the notion that Shariah poses a threat at all. The Anti-Defamation League also accuses Yerushalmi of “anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and anti-black bigotry,” while the Times fails even a passing reference to the tenets of Islamic law, which calls for the stoning of homosexuals. These accusations are “par for the course,” says Yerushalmi, who defends his efforts amidst a media narrative that seeks to make the voices against radical Islam appear even more extremist than those Yerushalmi is fighting against.

Next, Roger Noriega, our resident Latin America expert, offers insights into Hugo Chavez and his protégés. Although Chavez recently celebrated his 57th birthday, Noriega, Visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, reports that he may not live to see his country’s 2012 elections. Members of the regime are “not a sentimental bunch,” says Noriega, and the Cuban-backed affiliates are quickly posturing for power in the event of Chavez’s death. Noriega also informs on President Rafael Correa’s assault on Ecuador’s free press and other Chavez loyalists in the region.

Finally, Gordon Chang, of Forbes, reports from Sydney, Australia, as that the nation may move away from the U.S. toward China, with whom its economy is closely tied. Back in Washington, Chang gives his take on the Law of the Sea Treaty, concluding that it is not treaties, but the U.S. Navy that insures the peace of international waters. Chang also offers an explanation as to why China is moving to buy Greek debt, in what he describes as terrible economics.

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To what extent are US mosques adhering to Shar'ia and advocating jihadism within the masses? David Yerushalmi discusses his recent study, "Shar'ia and Violence in American Mosques," which examines how 100 mosques throughout the country are promoting Shar'ia through violent literature. Douglas Murray educates us on the counterterrorism project initiated by the Queen in the UK to prevent violent extremism.  Ambassador John Bolton enlightens Americans on the recent unilateral declaration of independence by the Palestinians. Andy McCarthy explores the current struggle in Libya; as well as the Obama administration's negligence to ask Congress for authorization for use of force in the struggle.

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On today’s show, Elaine Donnelly from the Center for Military Readiness discusses the Senate's failure to bring the proposed repeal of the ban on gays in the military to the floor for a vote, and the battle still to come.  Next, Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Gabe Schoenfeld gives his latest damage assessment on the Wikileaks information warfare assault.  He is followed by Shariah law expert David Yerushalmi who shares his reactions to a new Pew research study about popular opinion in the Islamic world.  Finally, Rowan Scarborough talks military strategy with Frank, including the F-22 Raptor program and missile sales to Venezuela.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio, Frank Gaffney talks about climate change with Steve Milloy, and immigration challenges with Congressman Ted Poe of Texas. Then he discusses the war within Islam and against the United States in a form of stealth Jihad with David Yerulshami. Then, Claire Berlinski discusses her book, There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters, and the state of play in Turkey.

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Frank speaks to David Yerushalmi speaks about the recent, critical Supreme Court ruling that upholds the ban on “material support” for terror.  Later, Frank details the upcoming threats that Israel faces, and what both the Israeli and American governments should do to prevent them.  Then, Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks about her recently-released book Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey through the Clash of Civilizations, and how Sharia law is incompatible with Western civilization.

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