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Fred Grandy, David Yerushalmi, Elbridge Colby, Bill Gertz

January 20th, 2012

Fred Grandy starts today’s show with his weekly wrap-up. Fred gives his analysis on the recent presidential debate as well as Newt Gingrich’s statement pertaining to Sharia. Fred also explains that Afghan Security Forces are turning their weapons on their instructors, US, NATO or French forces. This breach in security needs to be addressed; America is essentially running a de-facto jihad training camp because these jihadists are using American training to kill Americans. Is now really the time to start pulling out of Afghanistan?

David Yerushalmi explains the need for the American Freedom Law Center, which he just founded, as the first Judeo-Christian public interest law firm. The law center focuses on offensive as well as defensive lawfare against the threat from Sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood. Is the threat so great that America needs such organizations? Sharia is an existential threat around the world; it motivates the global jihad and groups such as CAIR, the OIC and the Muslim Brotherhood. The OIC wants to establish anti-blasphemy laws in America, which is the first step to a Sharia compliant government. Will the American government institute such a law that is in direct conflict with the First Amendment? Have there been instances where Sharia has found its way into American courts?

Nuclear arms expert Elbridge Colby spends time with Frank to explain the need to maintain America’s strategic triad, which is our deterrence from a nuclear strike. The triad consists of submarines, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) and B-52 and B-2 bombers. America must think long term; we do not know what future threats there will be therefore we must maintain this triad to ensure security for America and our allies. Each leg of the triad is used to ensure a quick counterstrike to an attack against homeland America, our forces or our allies. No one can attack America without reprisal and that security must be maintained. We cannot be the only country without nuclear weapons and we cannot convince other nations to remove their weapons, so we must maintain ours. Isn’t it necessary to be able to counter an attack on America?

The triad is cheap in comparison to other programs and force resources. America has not tested a nuclear weapon since 1992, how affective are they at this point? We need to test these systems to ensure they are in proper working condition as well as modernize our force structure. Mr. Colby finishes the interview with his take on the need to develop modern bunker buster bombs as another deterrent so enemies don’t feel they can hide after an attack.

Washington Times columnist Bill Gertz takes us “Inside the Ring.” US military officials are showing concern of the possibility that the president may sign the European Unions’ Code of Conduct, which would curtail American military space technology. What is the real situation with the Code of Conduct? Will the administration sign this agreement and what will that mean for American security? Finally, Bill shares his opinion about the Iranian nuclear situation and the US governments’ passive role on it.