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Congressman TOM MARINO (PA-10):

  • Steps the US should have taken against Russia and Putin's tsarist ambitions
  • Importance of protecting the US grid technology
  • The internet's potential to be used as a weapon, and the national security implications of turning it over to the international community
  • Arguments for why a strong NATO and an international military squad to defend US interests are needed

ILAN BERMAN, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council:

  • Russia's soft power
  • Assessing the probability of a change in Russian strategy to gain back some of the post-Soviet satellites
  • The truth behind Iranian President Rouhani's moderate background

Senator DAN COATS:

  • US policy towards Russia
  • American over-dependence on Russia for space travel, and what the consequences could be if Russia does restrict American access to the International Space Station
  • NSA's failure to win the public debate over data collection because of misrepresentations about the program; difficulty in finding a balance between American privacy and intelligence needs
  • Why surrendering the internet to the international community as planned would be a "terrible mistake"
BILL GERTZ, Washington Free Beacon: 
  • New Russian hypersonic nuclear missile system
  • Under estimating China's nuclear arsenal build up
  • Chinese Russian Naval cooperation
  • Chinese cyber warfare capability and U.S. response

FRED FLEITZ, senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy:

  • Interpreting the newly passed USA Freedom Act in the House, which reigns in the NSA phone data collection program: how will phone companies be compelled to store the data and respond to NSA requests?
  • Evolution of the USA Freedom Act, and how it is meant to be a compromise between the polarized views on data collection
  • Update on the Iranian nuclear talks: the likelihood that Iran will be allowed to keep a heavy water reactor capable of producing plutonium
  • Chinese cyber-espionage, and the US's treatment of such an act of war as a legal matter

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FRED FLEITZ, a Center for Security Policy senior fellow, dissects the allegations recently made by Senator Dianne Feinstein that the CIA has been spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

ILAN BERMAN, of the American Foreign Policy Council, examines the Ukraine crisis as Vladmir Putin's attempt at reinterpreting Russia's borders, with the ultimate end goal being "to encompass [Ukraine] and erode their sovereignty."

Former US Ambassador to the UN JOHN BOLTON discusses Vladimir Putin's attempts to reestablish hegemony over the territory comprising the former Soviet Union, and argues that he is encouraged by perceived American and European weakness.

Washington Times and Washington Free Beacon columnist BILL GERTZ reports on the Chinese apparently having been successful in copying the American F-35 to create their own stealth fighter, the J-20; the Russian use of cyber warfare in Ukraine; and the US hold on sending military equipment to the Egyptian government. 

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CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, Pulitzer Prize winning commentator of the Washington Post, analyzes the situation within Syria and Egypt and explains the need for the US to step up and make a choice on which side it stands with.

KATIE GORKA, of the Westminster Institute, sheds light on the radical Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram, which has been terrorizing the country since 1995.

STEVEN HAYWARD, blogger at Power Line and Thomas Smith fellow at the Ashbrook Center, puts climate change under the microscope and explains the real situation behind the headlines. Steven also discusses the need for energy security and the current status of US oil.

ILAN BERMAN, of the American Foreign Policy Council, makes the case for US intervention into Syria while also explaining the possible implications of such a US-led action.

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Former U.S. Senator from Arizona JON KYL explains the differences in America’s ability to defend itself according to respective administration’s priorities for missile defense and nuclear deterrence.

Senior adviser for the Menges Hemispheric Security Project at the Center for Security Policy, Dr. LUIS FLEISCHMAN lays out the global strategic importance of the Iranian access to Latin America post Chavez as well as the significance of the new Pope.

ILAN BERMAN of the American Foreign Policy Council breaks down Iran’s options and the difference between strategic and tactical implications of sanctions on their weapons program.

The director of the Langley Intelligence Group Network, FRED FLEITZ covers a menu of updates ranging from the Cypriot banking crisis to the new Russian bomber threat.

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NICHOLAS BALLASY, a senior video reporter for The Daily Caller at, reveals information about the recent closure of the National Drug Intelligence Agency by the DOJ, the presence of drug cartels in American cities, and Chuck Hagel's views on budget cuts for the Pentagon.

RET. ADM. JAMES “ACE” LYONS, the president/CEO of LION Associates LLC, discusses the  Benghazi-gate affair, Hilary Clinton's role in it, and her upcoming questioning.

ILAN BERMAN, the vice president of the American Foreign Policy Council, expounds upon the fallout that Egypt's failed economy will have on other countries in the region, and predicts what will happen when Al Goreeza (Al Jazeera) is introduced into American mainstream media by a different name.

ANDY McCARTHY, a former federal prosecutor and a contributing editor with National Review Online, discusses Michelle Bachmann's re-appointment to the House's Intelligence Committee, and questions the wisdom of John Brennan's CIA appointment citing his historic inability to spot infiltrating Islamists.

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With Fred Grandy, Ilan Berman, Rick Fisher, and Bill Gertz

Fred Grandy gives his weekly wrap-up which focuses on Benghazigate and the subsequent Congressional investigation and America edging closer to the fiscal cliff.

Ilan Berman of the American Foreign Policy Council looks at the Iranian nuclear program and the affects sanctions are having on it and the Iranian regime.

Rick Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center analyzes the Chinese military buildup and America’s response.

Bill Gertz takes us Inside the Ring on China’s growing regional control and Obama’s blind eye towards the threat it poses.

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ILAN BERMAN of the American Foreign Policy Council talks about Iran’s growing influence in Latin America and the implications that has on American homeland security.

JESSICA ZUCKERMAN from the Heritage Foundation analyzes the probability of the US surviving an EMP attack. An attack could come from a nuclear weapon being detonated high in our atmosphere, from say China or North Korea, or from a solar flare.

Journalist ADAM KREDO discusses how a former Obama advisor and donor to the Democratic National Committee is now being investigated for attempting to purchase $10million in gold from a Congolese warlord. What impact did this nefarious person have on America’s foreign policy? Obama also has connections to other nefarious people who denounce the truth behind 9/11 and wish for the demise of Jews.

Former Special Forces operator JIM HANSON explains how Romney and Ryan’s fiscal responsibility will help the Pentagon to spend their money wisely while also providing the military with enough money to provide security for the US and its interests. He continues with an analysis of how Obama has lost the war in Afghanistan due to his lack of strategic and tactical thinking along with his disdain for the US military.

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With Bishop Julian Dobbs, Ilan Berman, Rick “Ozzie” Nelson, and Claudia Rosett

·         BISHOP JULIAN DOBBS discusses Nigeria’s terrorist group Boko Haram’s attacks on religious freedom by enforcing Shariah Law, in particular the group’s attacks on northern Nigeria’s Christian population.

Islamist Terror Group Giving Christians Living in Nigeria Days to Flee

·         ILAN BERMAN of the American Foreign Policy Council talks about the newly powerful influence of Shariah in Egypt under newly-elected president Morsi.

Named Egypt’s Winner, Islamist Makes History

·         Director of the Homeland Security Department at CSIS RICK “OZZIE” NELSON explains the need for further intelligence sharing among federal, state, and local agencies while also increasing operational security in the wake of government leaks.

Intelligence and Information Sharing to Protect the Homeland

·        Freelance journalist CLAUDIA ROSETT explains the weakness within the UN as well as the State Department Diplomatic Corps.

Saving Syria from Kofi Annan



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The Obama administration recently released their new approach to terrorism, which Ilan Berman calls the administration taking a “victory lap.” Frank converses with Ilan Berman about this new “accommodation strategy” and what it means for organized and radical Islamic groups. Frank then visits with Congressman Buck McKeon to talk about Afghanistan and the defense budget. He also gets the Congressman’s take on Panetta’s recent speech from Iraq. For over 200 years, the United States has maintained a firm stance on the right of every country to have freedom of navigation in international waters. Thus, Gordon Chang urges the United States to stick to this stance and publically condemn the military actions of the Chinese in the South China Sea. Additionally, says Chang, the United States needs to stand with the democracies of the world like India, instead of supporting state-sponsors of terror such as Pakistan.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Ilan Berman, from the American Foreign Policy Council, discuss the issues of war and peace and what is happening in the Middle East and America’s deterrence capabilities. Then, Peter Schweizer from Big Peace discusses America’s future security.

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