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Ilan Berman, Representative Buck McKeon, Gordon Chang

July 11th, 2011

The Obama administration recently released their new approach to terrorism, which Ilan Berman calls the administration taking a “victory lap.” Frank converses with Ilan Berman about this new “accommodation strategy” and what it means for organized and radical Islamic groups. Frank then visits with Congressman Buck McKeon to talk about Afghanistan and the defense budget. He also gets the Congressman’s take on Panetta’s recent speech from Iraq. For over 200 years, the United States has maintained a firm stance on the right of every country to have freedom of navigation in international waters. Thus, Gordon Chang urges the United States to stick to this stance and publically condemn the military actions of the Chinese in the South China Sea. Additionally, says Chang, the United States needs to stand with the democracies of the world like India, instead of supporting state-sponsors of terror such as Pakistan.

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