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· FRED GRANDY gives a rundown on the week’s major headlines including Sharia creeping its way into American courts and the Obama Administration’s policies resulting in the death of US soldiers.

US secretly releases high-level Taliban in exchange for pledges of peace

· MACKENZIE EAGLEN from the American Enterprise Institute discusses the impeding sequestration cuts facing the military and what that would mean for US security.

Sequestration is more likely than you think

· GEN. JACK KEANE (RET.), Chairman of the Board at the Institute for the Study of War, explains how the Obama Administration has yet to listen to any of the field commander’s recommendations. That unwillingness to do what is needed is resulting in the deaths of US service members.

· BILL GERTZ of the Washington Times and the Washington Free Beacon takes us inside The Ring to explain how Obama is turning his back on America’s allies.

Inside The Ring

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Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institute puts the fundamentals of Afghanistan in perspective in the light of the recent tragedy involving a massacre perpetrated by a U.S. soldier.  This latest event combined with the surging trend of Green on Blue attacks, that is Afghan military on NATO attacks, is devastating for moral and U.S. resolve.  Why should we stay the course?  Are these events telling of a broader story or blurring the important realities.

Do most Americans have a concrete picture of just how devastating the sequential rounds of defense cuts hurt the U.S. strategically? Mackenzie Eaglen of the American Enterprise Institute makes the numbers come to life.  “A 15% cut in military pay; a 20% cut in weapons systems; and a 25 % cut in training and operations for the combatant commanders…”  These are but a hint of the costs to our readiness, strategic advantage in the world, and to the personnel who defend our country.

The Obama administration has been blind to the growing threat posed by Iran in the Western Hemisphere. The president has been so neglectful that Congress is now taking action in order to prevent an Iranian attack inside the United States. HR 3783 is designed to counter Iran’s presence in the Western Hemisphere by forcing the president to take defensive action to stop any Iranian aggression. Iranian intelligence has already conducted operations in Latin America and Ahmadinejad has been cozying up to some staunch anti-American governments within the region. The question that Rep. Ed Royce contends with is what will be needed to get this bill passed in the Senate. He is confident it will go through the House with ease, but the Democratic Senate could pose a problem. Turning to the Muslim Brotherhood, what is it their doctrine is similar to Hamas yet we do not classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization?

Afghan security is not going to prevent terrorists from trying to attack America. These are transnational, secretive organizations that do not need government support or one single location to call home. Obama is pleading with the Taliban to come to the negotiating table and he is even offering to release men from Gitmo that have been deemed to be a clear and present danger to the United States of America. Does he have any regard for US security? On the other hand, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta went before the Senate and claimed that Congress is irrelevant and that the president can use the military however he sees fit when it comes to Syria. Andy McCarthy explains how the Secretary of Defense feels the president does not need to consult the people’s representatives as long as he has international approval. Obama cares more about international permission, than permission from the American people. Who does he work for?

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Gordon Chang explains China’s “Zero Sum Game” with the United States. The Chinese view towards relations with the U.S. is that one side must win and one side must lose. America sees relationships as win/win for both parties, whereas the Chinese feel that only one party can win and dominate the international system. What can America do to “win” this game? China has becoming more aggressive in their rhetoric towards America. Chinese Flag Officers have claimed that China will engage America in war within the next 5-10 years. How can the American government ignore claims such as that? There are now signs that the Chinese economy is declining and becoming smaller. What does this mean for the Communist Party? Economic tribulations for China will result in them becoming more belligerent towards their neighbors in order to keep the peace within the populace. What will happen if China starts to breakdown? With the EU collapsing, what does that mean for the US and China? The U.S. is in the best position to weather the storm because America has the largest domestic economy, but China will suffer greatly.

Dr. Barry Rubin gives a history lesson on the Muslim Brotherhood. He explains where they came from and how they collaborated with the Nazis during World War 2.  It is reprehensible for the Obama Administration to work with the Muslim Brotherhood and their subsidiaries. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is leading U.S. policy in the Middle East; this is equivalent to the U.S. using Fidel Castro as their advisor to Latin America. How can this policy possibly have a positive outcome? The Obama Administration has claimed that they support the new governments of the Arab Spring and this is part of his Muslim outreach program. If Obama works with the Muslim Brotherhood, what would that mean for American security? The Muslim Brotherhood claims to be moderate, which they are not, and if they gain power then they will follow the Turkish model and slowly take over every aspect of society, not with force, but through controlling the government and legal institutions. This takeover will be slow and take time so as not to arouse suspicion from the international community. What does this mean for Israel, the Middle East and the United States of America?

Mackenzie Eaglen joins Frank to give the truth behind the defense budget cuts. In 2011 the White House Budget Office reported the Defense Budget at $730 billion and President Obama requested that in the next fiscal year it be cut to $703 billion; this was before the debt ceiling deal. The year after that the Defense Budget will be cut by another $26 billion and in 2013 President Obama has requested the Defense Budget be capped at $652 billion. It would be 2016 before the Defense Budget would be able to grow back to 2011 numbers. Since Obama has been president, $700 billion have been cut from defense. Unlike Entitlements, Defense does not have a clear base line for which to cut money. So why is everyone looking to cut Defense when it is much easier to cut Entitlements? What impact will these cuts have on our national security? America’s Navy is the smallest it has been since World War 1 and these cuts will make it the smallest since the 19th century; what ability will they have to protect the world’s waters? With these cuts the Air Force will be the smallest it has ever been in history and already it is small and aging.

Weekly guest Andy McCarthy gives his analysis on the future Defense cuts and what that means to American security. Andy explains the need to make cuts to defense, especially with a mounting debt, but the government needs to keep in mind their priority and responsibility to protect the homeland.  Why aren’t there cuts to Entitlements? Protecting the nation is a responsibility enshrined in the Constitution, not Entitlements yet they are not on the cutting table. It is necessary that America has a clear goal and direction for its defense and then come up with an intelligent budget to allow the DOD to achieve those objectives.  


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An Inspector General report has been uncovered by the Center for Military Readiness about a scandal that happened during last year’s Lame duck session of Congress. Frank discusses this report and how it outlines the abuses of power that the Obama administration and his supporters made in ramming through Congress the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. As Hugo Chavez nears death’s door, Venezuela is gearing up for his eventual passing and the implications it will have on an already unstable country. Roger Noriega examines the fears held by high-level officials in the Venezuela government that the government will crumble after Chavez’s death. Next, Michael O’Hanlon, from the American Enterprise Institute, gives us his take on the recent decision by President Obama to withdraw 30,000 troops from Afghanistan six months ahead of schedule. Will this early withdrawal mean more risk for the US’s mission in Afghanistan? Finally, Mackenzie Eaglen analyzes the role of that the Navy plays in US economic strength, as well as the Robert Gates apology tour.

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Has our national security been undermined by the people to whom it was entrusted? Trevor Loudon from the New Zeal Blog discusses CIA director, Leon Panetta’s, deep Communist ties and what it means for the security of American intelligence services. Patrick Poole educates us on a recent study that uncovered some disturbing information; American jails have become a breeding ground for jihad extremists. Mackenzie Eaglen urges the government to modernize the military; as well as gives us her take on the Robert Gates “apology tour.” Finally, Caroline Glick informs us of the recent discovery of oil in Israel and the implications it will have on US-Israeli security issues and the global price of oil.

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On today's show, Peter Schweizer of the Hoover Institution joins Frank to discuss the relevance of Ronald Reagan's national security policies today.  Then Mackenzie Eaglen of the Heritage Foundation takes us to school on the defense budget.  Finally,'s Jim Hanson brings us the Wednesday Boots On The Ground perspective.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank is joined by Caroline Glick, from Jerusalem, discussing the peace process in the Middle East. Then, Frank and Ambassador John Bolton discuss the first two years of the Obama Administration, what it has accomplished and what it is making more difficult to accomplish. Finally, Frank and Mackenzie Eaglen discuss the dramatic budget cuts to the Defense Department.

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Today on Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Radio, Diana West breaks down 'Dhimmitude', the second class status of non-Muslims under Shariah law.  Then, Mackenzie Eaglen of the Heritage Foundation gives an incredible explanation of the relationship between cutting our defense spending and the rise of hostile global competitors.  Finally, Andy McCarthy discusses the problem with Muslim outreach when it is to the wrong Muslims.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio; Frank weighs in on Iraq.  Defense budget expert, Mackenzie Eaglen, of the Heritage Foundation illustrates the highly consequential defense cuts of Secretary Robert Gates.  It's not just wasteful spending.  Then Cheryl Miller of the American Enterprise Institute discusses her latest peice in the Wall Street Journal on the human make up of our Armed Forces.  Finally, Washington Examiner ace national security reporter, Sara Carter, shares her findings on incredible mispending and graft by contractors in Afghanistan.

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