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Roger Noriega, Michael O’Hanlon, Mackenzie Eaglen

June 27th, 2011

An Inspector General report has been uncovered by the Center for Military Readiness about a scandal that happened during last year’s Lame duck session of Congress. Frank discusses this report and how it outlines the abuses of power that the Obama administration and his supporters made in ramming through Congress the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. As Hugo Chavez nears death’s door, Venezuela is gearing up for his eventual passing and the implications it will have on an already unstable country. Roger Noriega examines the fears held by high-level officials in the Venezuela government that the government will crumble after Chavez’s death. Next, Michael O’Hanlon, from the American Enterprise Institute, gives us his take on the recent decision by President Obama to withdraw 30,000 troops from Afghanistan six months ahead of schedule. Will this early withdrawal mean more risk for the US’s mission in Afghanistan? Finally, Mackenzie Eaglen analyzes the role of that the Navy plays in US economic strength, as well as the Robert Gates apology tour.