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PATRICK POOLE, of PJ Media, joins Frank for a special one hour show to discuss his newly released Gloria Center report titled “Blind to Terror: The U.S. Government's Disastrous Muslim Outreach Efforts and the Impact on U.S. Middle East Policy”. Over the hour Patrick and Frank delve deeper into the ongoing penetration of America by radical Islamists groups including their ability to sway American Middle East foreign policy towards their own Islamic agendas.

During the hour, Patrick also discusses with Frank how the very organizations and foreign nationals the government and the media once called out for their links to terrorism, are being and have been used in advisory roles within the U.S. government. Some of the most notable cases of this include, Ghulam Nabi Fai and Nadal Hasson, both of whom are now serving federal sentences for their work with foreign and terrorist actors.

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With Patrick Poole, Andrew Marcus, John Wholstetter, and Roger Noriega

PATRICK POOLE discusses Obama’s rules of engagement and how they are leading to the deaths of our soldiers overseas.

Director ANDREW MARCUS talks about his new movie “Hating Breitbart” which looks at the work of Andrew Breitbart.

JOHN WHOLSTETTER of the Discovery Institute explains Iran’s nuclear program and how close they are to obtaining a nuclear warhead.

Latin American expert ROGER NORIEGA looks at the impact Mexico will play on the US presidential  election as well as whether or not US influence within the region has waned since the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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FRANK GAFFNEY of the Center for Security Policy discusses the recent attack at the Family Research Council, which was not classified as a hate crime. He goes on to explain that the people who demonize the right are actually becoming the ones they claim to be against.

Terrorism expert PATRICK POOLE talks about Washington's darkest kept secret; a Pakistani intelligence officer working with Congress for the past 20 years. Patrick explains how a lapse in security, such as this, could have happened and what the consequences are for homeland security.

Former Egyptian citizen CYNTHIA FARAHAT, explains how President Morsi is dismantling the Egyptian government in order to prevent a possible coup attempt.

BILL GERTZ of the Washington Times analyzes Russia and China's latest missile tests and buildup of arms while the US is downsizing its defenses. He also talks about a Russian nuclear sub being found in the Gulf of Mexico, three weeks after it arrived. These missiles and submarines have the capable of attacking any US city.

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Have US immigration officials and judges failed to realize that Hugo Chavez has established a dictatorship that drives out his opponents? Visiting Fellow at AEI and resident Latin American expert here at Secure Freedom Radio, Roger Noriega joins guest host, Fred Grandy to discuss the Chavez dilemma. The Chavez regime is suggesting that exiles who flee Venezuela to seek asylum in the United States are criminals. Why doesn’t the Obama administration step up against Chaves to defend those seeking asylum within our borders? According to Noriega, US officials continue to coddle Chavez due to their belief that US policies are responsible for all of the ills in South America. Is it this “liberal guilt” that allows the Chavez regime to act without consequence or is it merely the ignorance of the Obama administration?

Next, author and journalist Patrick Poole shares with Fred his expertise on Middle Eastern affairs. Did member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council and member on the Texas Department of Safety Advisory Council, Mohamed Elibiary use his security clearance to give sensitive documents to a left-leaning publication? Additionally, why did Elibiary use these documents to paint Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas Department of Safety Advisory Council as Islamophobic? Why would Elibiary, a self-proclaimed Muslim deradicalization expert, side with Islamist extremists? The publication to which these documents had been exposed turned them down, as they stated they were not as they appeared. According to Poole, the real question is not why did he do these things, but how did Mohamed Elibiary first get elected to the advisory councils?

Is Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia’s 10th district a true champion for human rights or did he simply have a bad travel agent? Rep. Wolf shares the microphone for another segment of “The Cloakroom” with Fred Grandy. Not only does he touch upon the human rights issues that he presents in his new book, “Prisoner of Conscience: One Man's Crusade for Global Human and Religious Rights,” but he also gives Fred an inside look into his personal connection to the abuses occurring throughout the international community. Is it true that the words in the Constitution are a covenant to protect freedom throughout the entire world? If so, why are most Americans more disinterested in human rights issues today more than before?

Should the United States have left Qaddafi in power or is the new Libyan leadership a ray of hope? Contributing Editor for National Review Online and weekly guest, Andy McCarthy concludes today’s show expressing his opinions on the overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya. Will the next five to ten years in the Middle East be ruled by a hegemonic power or be dominated by warring factions?

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Has our national security been undermined by the people to whom it was entrusted? Trevor Loudon from the New Zeal Blog discusses CIA director, Leon Panetta’s, deep Communist ties and what it means for the security of American intelligence services. Patrick Poole educates us on a recent study that uncovered some disturbing information; American jails have become a breeding ground for jihad extremists. Mackenzie Eaglen urges the government to modernize the military; as well as gives us her take on the Robert Gates “apology tour.” Finally, Caroline Glick informs us of the recent discovery of oil in Israel and the implications it will have on US-Israeli security issues and the global price of oil.

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Patrick Poole analyzes Osama bin Laden’s death and upcoming hearings between Eric Holder and Congress.  Jose Cardenas explains what is happening on the border and south of the border. Following the immigration and drug scene, Fredrick County, Maryland Sheriff Chuck Jenkins talks about how he and ICE are working together to combat these threats. Gordon Chang examines the Chinese census and what it means for American security.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Patrick Poole discuss Suhail Khan. Next, Jonathan Schanzer discus’s Tunisia and which country could possibly be next. Then, Anthony Kimery discus’s grave new perils rising on the border. Finally, Bill Gertz discus’s what has come of the visits by Secretary Gates to Asia and President Hu to America.

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On today's show, Frank is joined by terrorism expert Patrick Poole, author and commentator Ralph Peters, and Washing Examiner National Security Correspondent Sara Carter.

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Former Israeli Ambassador, Yoram Ettinger discusses the myth of peace talks as Netanyahu prepares to visit D.C.  Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness, takes on the practical implications of the prospects of a new social policy in the U.S. Military.  Lt. Col. Ret. Ralph Peters, author of The War After Armageddon, breaks down the strategic landscape of President Obama's Asia trip.  Patrick Poole breaks another story on Muslim Brotherhood penetration into the U.S. government.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Michael Farris of will discuss the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Next, Frank and Patrick Poole of, will discuss the way stealth jihad is being waged on Capitol Hill through the Congressional Muslim Students Association. In the third segment, Frank and Christian Whiton from DC National Advisory will discuss the new national security advisor. Finally, Frank and Bill Gertz will discuss gays in the military along with other issues.

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