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Roger Noriega, Patrick Poole, Rep. Frank Wolf, Andy McCarthy

November 1st, 2011

Have US immigration officials and judges failed to realize that Hugo Chavez has established a dictatorship that drives out his opponents? Visiting Fellow at AEI and resident Latin American expert here at Secure Freedom Radio, Roger Noriega joins guest host, Fred Grandy to discuss the Chavez dilemma. The Chavez regime is suggesting that exiles who flee Venezuela to seek asylum in the United States are criminals. Why doesn’t the Obama administration step up against Chaves to defend those seeking asylum within our borders? According to Noriega, US officials continue to coddle Chavez due to their belief that US policies are responsible for all of the ills in South America. Is it this “liberal guilt” that allows the Chavez regime to act without consequence or is it merely the ignorance of the Obama administration?

Next, author and journalist Patrick Poole shares with Fred his expertise on Middle Eastern affairs. Did member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council and member on the Texas Department of Safety Advisory Council, Mohamed Elibiary use his security clearance to give sensitive documents to a left-leaning publication? Additionally, why did Elibiary use these documents to paint Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas Department of Safety Advisory Council as Islamophobic? Why would Elibiary, a self-proclaimed Muslim deradicalization expert, side with Islamist extremists? The publication to which these documents had been exposed turned them down, as they stated they were not as they appeared. According to Poole, the real question is not why did he do these things, but how did Mohamed Elibiary first get elected to the advisory councils?

Is Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia’s 10th district a true champion for human rights or did he simply have a bad travel agent? Rep. Wolf shares the microphone for another segment of “The Cloakroom” with Fred Grandy. Not only does he touch upon the human rights issues that he presents in his new book, “Prisoner of Conscience: One Man's Crusade for Global Human and Religious Rights,” but he also gives Fred an inside look into his personal connection to the abuses occurring throughout the international community. Is it true that the words in the Constitution are a covenant to protect freedom throughout the entire world? If so, why are most Americans more disinterested in human rights issues today more than before?

Should the United States have left Qaddafi in power or is the new Libyan leadership a ray of hope? Contributing Editor for National Review Online and weekly guest, Andy McCarthy concludes today’s show expressing his opinions on the overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya. Will the next five to ten years in the Middle East be ruled by a hegemonic power or be dominated by warring factions?

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