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The president ignored Israel’s pleas and wrote, himself, into his speech remarks pertaining to Israel’s borders and in doing so, affectively started a fight with Israel. Caroling Glick elaborates on this point and goes on to talk about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s thrashing of the president in the Oval Office and his follow-up speech to Congress. Representative Jeff Fortenberry gives his own take on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, as well as the human rights atrocities in Congo. Richard Perle, the prince of darkness as he is so affectionately labeled, explains how the president’s speech motivated the Israelis to clearly state their position on a peace treaty with the Palestinians.  “Let’s act like we have enemies worth killing,” this is the opinion of boots-on-the-ground expert, Jim Hanson and he goes on to give his perspective of the hollowing out of the Defense Department and what that means for future US security.

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