Adam Kredo, Gal Luft, Kori Schake, Andy McCarthy

ADAM KREDO, senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon, warns of the national security consequences of a Hagel nomination, referencing Hagel's close ties with Iranian interest groups and his desires to pare down the Pentagon, leaving America with a "hollow force" to face up and coming Islamist regimes.

GAL LUFT, author of Petropoly: The Collapse of America's Energy Security Paradigm, knows how to solve the American energy dependence problem. In this exclusive interview, he explains how one simple piece of legislation could cripple OPEC and remove American reliance on foreign oil.

KORI SCHAKE, research fellow at the Hoover Institution, explains that the Obama doctrine will lead to fewer states being willing to step forward to solve problems when they learn how America has treated her allies based on aid given to France in Mali and the hasty withdrawal in Afghanistan.

ANDY McCARTHY, senior fellow at the National Review Institute, asks why we sending F-16s and tanks to an anti-Semitic and anti-Christian Egyptian regime that is cozying up to Iran, one of America's biggest threats.

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