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Adam Kredo, Suzanne Scholte, Cliff Kincaid, John Yoo

February 6th, 2013

With Adam Kredo, Suzanne Scholte, Cliff Kincaid, and John Yoo.

Senior writer from the Washington Free Beacon, ADAM KREDO, critiques Chuck Hagel's incompetent Senate performance, and reports on Hagel's refusal to produce financial documents for over 200 past speeches. Kredo also predicts that John Brennan will be severely questioned regarding the recently leaked memo on drone warfare.

SUZANNE SCHOLTE, the president of the Defense Forum Foundation, reports that the North Korea regime is preparing for its own demise as regime leaders scramble for cash and build reservoirs to flood illegal prisoner of war camps.

Director of the Accuracy in Media Center for Investigative Journalism, CLIFF KINCAID, exposes the truth behind the blatantly illegal purchase of Current TV by Al Jazeera, a news source owned by a state that sponsors terrorism, and tells what is being done to stop this illegal transaction.

JOHN YOO, law professor at UC Berkley, illuminates the recently leaked memo concerning the ethics behind drone killings, and discusses the difference between due process laws that apply to citizens at home and the rules of war. He connects this difference back to how the Obama administration prefers drone strike killings to capturing and interrogating terrorists in order to avoid the Guantanamo Bay issues that arise.

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