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Amb. John Bolton, Christian Whiton, Andy McCarthy

July 24th, 2012

JOHN BOLTON, Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses a variety of the security threats that are currently facing the United States. He examines the nuclear and biological weapon capabilities of Syria and the importance of upholding strict security clearance background checks for government personnel with access to sensitive information.

Is the Assad regime in Syria about to fall?

CHRISTIAN WHITON of DC International Advisory, LLC takes a look at presidential candidate Romney. Whiton asserts that despite what most mainstream media portrays, foreign leaders are concerned over Obama, and Romney has the better stance on national security issues.

Allies hoping for Obama loss

In a special two-part segment, ANDY McCARTHY from National Review Online gives us his take on the Houma Abebin security clearance debate. McCarthy also examines the threat of the “sophisticated ground-up operation,” the Muslim Brotherhood.

Questions about Huma Abedin