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Ambassador Yorum Ettinger, Walid Phares, Zuhdi Jasser, Jim Hanson

September 21st, 2011

What does it mean for the Free World and Israel should Palestine get a state adhering to the 1967 borders? Ambassador Yorum Ettinger tries to answer this question while also warning us of the possible implications that this would have for the United States. In Ettinger’s opinion, by supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state, international leaders are acknowledging Palestinians who were known supporters of Saddam during the 1991 Iraq War and even collaborated with him in the invasion of Kuwait. These same Palestinians condemned the US for executing Saddam. Moreover, Ettinger thinks that Mahmoud Abbas has close bonds with the top Russian government officials and was even educated in Russia. These connections could be used in the future to provide a foothold for the Russians and Chinese in the region, as well as is a death sentence for the pro-US government in Jordan. We don’t need another rogue regime that would be a tailwind for the US’s enemies.

How have the past two to three years of US foreign policy gone to sour in the Middle East, especially in Syria? Professor at the National Defense University and Lebanese native, Walid Phares joins Secure Freedom Radio today to give Frank his insights on the Syrian opposition leadership that seems to be producing some unsavory characters. Phares states that the father and son Assad regime has participated in non-stop oppression of its own people starting in the 1980s. However, the Assad regime has reached the point of no return, argues Phares, as they have refused to implement any political reforms. Additionally, he discusses how there needs to be a change of direction in Washington, such as identifying the true good guys in the region before a new policy can be implemented. The US leadership can do this by first making the distinction between the duel opposition groups: civil society and the Muslim Brotherhood backed groups.

President and Founder of the American Islamic Forum, Zuhdi Jasser shares his personal family experiences under the Assad regime in Syria. Syria is the perfect environment for radical groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, since they offer them a veil of religious protection. Although the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups would thrive in the country, Syria would never be controlled by such organizations since it would remain secular. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, however, causes the most problems in the United States. Most of these groups are closely intertwined with Muslim advocacy groups in the United States. This is most problematic since the Obama administration does not have the “Constitution internally to deal with it.” Jasser furthers his point by stating that the Arab Spring would only give way to the Islamist winter and when it does leaders in Washington will not be able to distinguish between Islamist rebels and those fighting for Western ideals.

Weekly guest here at Secure Freedom Radio, Jim Hanson concludes today’s show with his “boots on the ground” perspective to the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the cuts on retirement benefits for members of the US military. While Hanson is in favor of the repeal of the discriminatory policy, he believes that sexual orientation should not be used in the military to further the gay agenda. Furthering such agendas has no business in the military, states Hanson. Military men should be respected for their service and not their sexuality. Frank also talks with Hanson about the ludicrous retirement benefit cuts for US military veterans.

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