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Andy Bostom, Jim Woolsey, Michael Rubin

February 27th, 2012

Andy Bostom, Brown university associate professor of medicine, author, and expert on counter terror threat doctrine, shares his expertise on Islamic law with its bearing on a recent court ruling against an Athiest’s freedom of speech in Pennsylvania, the Koran riots in Kabul, and the eschatology of the Iranian regime.

Bill Clinton’s former CIA, Jim Woolsey, director also weighs in on Iran with great detail about the nature of the regime and the beliefs of the factions there in.  He also makes sense of uranium enrichment reports and their significance for interpreting the timing of a potential weapons capability.  Jim makes sense of Iranian “prophecies” that calls for the return of the twelfth imam who will lead the battles that will end the world. He explains that the Iranian regime believes it is time for an epic battle between Iran and the Jews, and their allies, resulting in the destruction of the Jewish people and a new Iranian world order. Jim compares this notion of future world events with the Nazi beliefs of the 1930s. The American government has not been candid with its citizens as to the extent of the Iranian nuclear program and the threat it poses to global security.

Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute begins without strong criticism of the President’s apology to Karzai and lays out the strategic distinction in this act from other infamous gestures of weakness to foreign leaders.   Rubin cuts beyond the Koran burning to the deep strategic issues on the ground that defines either failure or success in Afghanistan.   On the matter of arming Syrian rebels, there is a right way and a wrong one.  Without asking the right questions, the risk of arming Al Qaeda type Islamists is a real possibility.