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Andy McCarthy, Gordon Chang, Monica Crowley, Catherine Engelbrecht

May 21st, 2013

Former federal prosecutor ANDY MCCARTHY lays out the timeline of when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were informed of the attack in Benghazi, and what they should have known based on the information available at that point.

GORDON CHANG, columnist at, talks about the Burmese president's visit to the United States and the likelihood of real democracy coming soon in that country.

MONICA CROWLEY discusses her book "What the Bleep Just Happened" and delves deeper into the question of whether or not there is such a thing as free press any longer under what some consider a controlling and limiting Obama administration.

A victim of the IRS scandal, CATHERINE ENGELBRECHT of True the Vote recounts her experience with the U.S. government when she filed for 501c4 status for her organization.  Not just the 501c4 itself but her personal financial life was scrutinized by the IRS. After 20 years without any complications with the IRS, her family company was audited, a follow up was made by the FBI, and visits came from both ATF and OSHA.