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Andy McCarthy, Jeff Kueter, James Carafano, Jim Hanson

January 11th, 2012

Andy McCarthy starts off today’s show explaining how the Obama Administration seems to be circumventing the Constitution at their leisure. What path is the president leading America down and what will be the consequences his actions in regards to American security?

Jim Carafano from The Heritage Foundation discusses the recent defense strategy unveiled by President Obama and what it means for the United States’ defense capabilities. He then explains the concept of Rotational Forces as a part of the defense budget cuts and its implications on active duty servicemen. Will the U.S. be able to carry out its global responsibilities? Will the U.S. become a second class military power in the world as a result of the cuts in its defense budget? Will these factors lead to WWIII?

Jeff Kueter, President of the George C. Marshall Foundation starts with his assessment of America’s position and standing in regards to the Space. He then points out that there are no vigorous exploration programs and the lack of persistence and tolerance for failures of technology used in such programs. If the administration maintained consistency and provided resources could there be a possibility of developing capabilities to strike targets on land from space?

Jim Hanson a former special operations command officer discusses his views about Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) on its 10th anniversary. The concept of Gitmo has been a brilliant idea as a means of extracting information from hardened radical terrorists, and how appalling it would be close the detention center and send back these terrorists to their home countries to be rehabilitated. The general consensus and feedback from the armed forces has been negative on closing this center and sending these terrorists back so they could rejoin their organizations and fight against the United States. Jim then concludes by expressing his thoughts on Iran’s nuclear program and what the consequences would be if Iran became a nuclear power.

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