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Barry Rubin, Adam Kredo, Kenneth DeGraffenreid, Gordon Chang

July 8th, 2013

BARRY RUBIN, of the Gloria Center, gives a rundown of the events that transpired over the weekend in Egypt. He gives his insights on the new role of the Egyptian military, the future of democracy in the country as well as the role he thinks the Muslim Brotherhood will play in the future of Egypt.

KENNETH DEGRAFFENREID, Professor at the Institute for World Politics, gives a different perspective on the Edward Snowden case by looking at what he has calls the "rise of the lavatians"; people within the government who have no particular allegiance to the United States but feel its' their moral duty to show the world what they perceive as the government's wrongdoings.

ADAM KREDO, of the Washington Free Beacon, discusses the possibilities for how the US will respond to the change of power in Egypt, which hinges on whether or not the recent takeover by the military is deemed a revolution or a coup.

GORDON CHANG, of, peels back the layers to Snowden's background and looks at how his actions truly point to him being a traitor and not a whistle blower. He also looks at the importance of Africa to China and the United States.

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