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Barry Rubin, Christian Whiton, Peter Brooks, Gordon Chang

February 6th, 2012

The Egyptian Parliament has started work and will being trying to put the country back together, culminating in a presidential election in either June or July of this year. Egypt needs US financial aid therefore how much influence will the Muslim Brotherhood exact on the country? Is Obama’s weakness to deal with international situations adding to the deterioration of a peace process between Israel and its neighbors? Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Authority seem to be cultivating a unified government jeopardizing and talks of peace between the PLO and Israel. Listen to Barry Rubin’s analysis of this growing conflict.

Obama has been allowing China to act with increasing recklessness while still getting aid from America therefore how can Obama and Secretary of State Clinton be surprised when China vetoes the UN resolution against Syria? Will the Obama Administration allow the Muslim Brotherhood to come to power in Syria like they did in Egypt? Christian Whiton explains how the administration is trying to take away American's choice to choose over their future.

Is the president trying to ignore global events in order to mask the fact he does not want America to be involved therefore taking away Americans chance to be informed and cultivate their own opinion as to whether or not America needs to be involved in global events? The United States has global responsibilities and must keep an eye on the entire world therefore when the administration says America will pivot towards Asia, what are we pivoting away from? Author of “A Devils Triangle,” Peter Brooks, highlights the fact that the president claims Iran does not have the capability to attack the US yet his intelligence directors claim Iran is looking to and can attack homeland America. Is he misleading Americans or just clueless?

As a result of Obama’s refusal to allow the Keystone pipeline, Canada is trying to reach an agreement with China to export oil. America should b buying oil from secure allies and not the Middle East and especially should not be allowing our allies to sell oil to China and boost their floundering economy. Currently China is one of Iran’s biggest buyers of oil therefore it is no surprise that they support this rogue regime.  Gordon Chang helps to explain how China sees America as weak therefore ignoring US wishes and grow closer to Russia in order to oppose American policies. If China sees America as weak, what will stop them from trying to grab more power and influence on the global stage?

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