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Bing West, Steven Groves, John Hayward, Victor Davis Hanson

June 20th, 2014

BING WEST, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs

  • Maliki's sectarianism as the root of the Iraq crisis 
  • Prospects for Sunni and Shiite infighting during a potential lull in fighting over Ramadan
  • Obama's perspective on America's appropriate role in the world: a regional power? 
  • The distancing of the military from the Obama White House

STEVEN GROVES, Heritage Foundation:

  • Questions over the timing of the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala by U.S. special forces
  • Hillary Clinton, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and attempts to limit the First Amendment

JOHN HAYWARD, staff writer at Human Events:

  • The invasion of the US border and the "Children Crusade"--why are parents sending their children unaccompanied through Central America to the United States?
  • Evidence suggesting the Obama Administration and the Department of Homeland Security expected the current surge of minor illegal immigrants, and the federal government's need to house and care for them
  • Displacing effect on American workers of the immigration visa program

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution:

  • A comparison of the immigration views of Eric Cantor and the new House Republican Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy
  • The moral and practical issues associated with amnesty and the "New Children's Crusade"
  • What really led the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq?