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Bob Monroe, Daniel Goure, Bill Gertz, Roger Noriega

January 31st, 2014

Ret. Admiral BOB MONROE, shares his expertise on the U.S. nuclear program and how its ongoing deterioration is jeopardizing the future of the United States.

DANIEL GOURE, of the Lexington Institute, assesses the United State’s nuclear program and brings to light the implications of the administration’s domestic and international nuclear policies.

BILL GERTZ, reporter for the Washington Free Beacon and the Washington Times, covers two Congressional hearings from this past week. One, a briefing by intelligence leaders that pronounced that cyber attacks are a bigger threat to the United States than terrorism, and the other a briefing that focused on the space threat China poses to the US.

ROGER NORIEGA, a former US ambassador to the Organization of American States, puts forward his argument that narco-terrorist states have replaced communism as the primary threat to democracy in 21st century Latin America.

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