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Brad Wenstrup, Henry Nau, Andy McCarthy, Gal Luft

April 29th, 2014

Congressman BRAD WENSTRUP representing Ohio's 2nd district:

  • Afghanistan's future, and the roles the US and the Taliban will play
  • Observations about the morale and suicide rate amongst young military veterans
  • The continuing hollowing out of the military and the possibility of more upcoming defense budget cuts

Dr. HENRY NAU, author of "Conservative Internationalism":

  • How the elements of conservative internationalism could help stabilize Ukraine if implemented properly and quickly
  • Evidence that Putin is taking advantage of America's weakness
  • Argument for the establishment of small but permanent NATO bases around Russia

ANDY MCCARTHY, former federal prosecutor:

  • President Obama's tendency to rewrite immigration and refugee laws
  • The mass trial in Egypt that has resulted in hundreds of court ordered death sentences
  • Secretary of State's John Kerry recent statement about a possible "Israeli apartheid"

GAL LUFT, co-director of the Institute for Analysis of Global security:

  • America's energy posture and the opportunities that natural gas and coal present
  • China's ability to warranty vehicles for methanol use, and the US's inability to do the same
  • Proposed South Korea-North Korea natural gas pipeline controlled by Russia