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Brett Decker, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Ambassador Yoram Ettinger

November 15th, 2011

The editor of the Washington Times Editorial page, Brett Decker, joins Frank to elaborate on his book pertaining to the Obama Administration bowing down to the Chinese and hastening American decline and ushering a century of Chinese dominance. Is Barack Obama just anti-American or is there an emotional, self-loathing problem behind his subservient behavior? This behavior emboldens the Chinese to take advantage of what they perceive as American weakness. The president represents the United States of America and in doing so must convey a message of strength, yet Barack Obama conveys a message of weakness and compliance to foreign states.  What message do we want our leaders to convey and what message are they conveying? America is at war with China, it may not be with conventional forces but they are engaging America on the cyber battlefield and economic battlefield. China is stealing business secrets, buying American banks and undermining American exceptionalism and this is how they plan on overtaking the U.S. as the global leader. The military leadership of America has failed to take the Chinese threat seriously because all they see is current capabilities instead of future capabilities that the Chinese are working towards.

Fred Grandy is joined by Rep. Louie Gohmert inside “The Cloakroom” to discuss the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the American government. Rep. Gohmert grilled Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano about her nonchalance in regards to one of her advisors using his security clearance to take classified information and distributing it to a news outlet. Secretary Napolitano was not bothered by this event and has claimed that she will not take action against Mohammed Elibiary.  Why does the Secretary of Homeland Security feel it is not important to take action against someone who stole classified information? Why did she give a security clearance to someone who supports the Muslim Brotherhood? DHS is also refusing to use words such as Islamic Extremism because “it might offend those who wish to kill us.” A DHS report also calls for the federal government to work with people, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, to train agents to go after those extremists. How can America allow a fox to catch a fox?

Ambassador Yoram Ettinger explains what is happening within the Syrian regime. Up to 2009 many countries, including the United States, felt that Syria was moving into a new era with Bashar Assad at the helm. He was seen as a moderate leader who would help support the interests of the West and that is why America sent back an ambassador after a few years of absence. Obviously this was a miscalculation, now countries are calling for Assad to step down but who will take his place? Could the Muslim Brotherhood come to power in Syria? Just because there is a democratic process doesn’t mean that democracy will rule the country, example Germany in the 1930s. How will this affect U.S. security? Turkey has strengthened relations with Iran, how will this affect US security and influence in the region?