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Caroline Glick, Bill Roggio, Fred Fleitz, Jim Hanson.

January 31st, 2013

CAROLINE GLICK, of The Jerusalem Post, reports on a recent Israeli air-strike near the Syria/Lebanon border, exposes how the Obama administration unsuccessfully meddled in the Israeli election, and wonders why America would willingly arm its potential enemies in Egypt.

BILL ROGGIO, from the, offers his gloom prediction of what will happen if the United States military leaves only a token force behind in Afghanistan. Namely, territory that Americans fought and died for will be swiftly retaken by Al Qaeda. The small number of remaining American soldiers will also be a constant target for jihadist attacks, yet unable to adequately defend themselves.

FRED FLEITZ, managing editor of Lignet, predicts what form retaliation from Syria and Iran for Israeli's air-strike will take, and explains Al Qaeda 3.0, the new more-mobile and adaptive form of Al Qaeda operating all over the world.

JIM HANSON, from, takes a more optimistic view on pending budget cuts for defense organizations, and hopes that Americans will rally behind their second amendment right to bear arms.

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