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Christian Whiton, Clare Lopez, Jim Hanson, Rep. Allen West

April 25th, 2012

Christian Whiton, former State Department official

· What does it say when our State Department makes comments pertaining to Department of Defense operations? Christian Whiton gives his perspective on what this comment says about our understanding of the threats against the nation.

· Our leaders fail to understand the threat and therefore fail to create an affective strategy to combat such threats. There are people within the State Department with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, how much influence do they wield?

Clare Lopez, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy

· Clare Lopez joins explains Iran’s nuclear situation, does the United States realize the scope of the threat posed by Iran?

· She also provides her opinion concerning the power the Muslim Brotherhood has in the War of Terrorism against the United States and the rest of the free world.

Jim Hanson, former special operator en in the United States Army

· Jim Hanson gives his take on a senior State Department official claiming, “the war on terrorism is over”.  According to Hanson, The threats are still on going and getting worst.

· He also explains the Obama administration’s role regarding the strategy used in Afghanistan. Is the U.S. Government supporting our troops or our enemies?

Congressman Allen West, Representative of Florida’s 22nd District.

· Congressman West provides his thoughts on the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhoods in America. Do Americans truly understand they face every day?

· As a former member of the U.S Army, he explains how concerning it is to cut our military’s capabilities, especially at a time when they are all that stands between security and destruction. What can we do to protect our troops?

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