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Christopher Holton, Sarah Stern, Diana West

January 12th, 2012

Christopher Holton an expert on Sharia law discusses the recent court ruling that overturned an Oklahoma ban on courts from considering international or Islamic (Sharia) law and answers questions such as what impact would this have on American businesses dealing with international law. Do American states have any evidence or example of Sharia law being used in American courts? Why do we need this law? Will more states join in passing such an amendment?

Sarah Stern, discusses the U.S.-Saudi Arabia relations as to whether Saudi Arabia is in fact our ally? Every year billions of dollars from the oil revenue go towards funding Sunni Islamist worldwide and white washing the image of Saudi Arabia to hide the human rights abuses in the country. To add to this Saudi Arabia has penetrated the American NGO scene. What is the future of this alliance? Is U.S. paying a heavy price to feed its hunger for oil and love of automobiles?

Diana West closes the show by pointing out how the Republicans have avoided important foreign policy issues of 2012. Diana then moves on to discussing how the efforts of helping and freeing countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq are in vain because the basis of their Constitution is Sharia law, and not democracy for which we have fought long and hard. What factors contributed to a misguided American philosophy of believing that the U.S. can change these countries? Diana talks about the forgotten Polish aircraft that crashed in April 2010 in Russia and the inconsistencies and holes in the Russian report related to the crash. This itself should qualify for an independent inquiry. What was the story behind the crash and what are the factors that indicate foul play and demand an independent inquiry? Diana provides her insight on the issue. She then concludes with her thoughts on the recent violation of dead Afghani civilians by the Marines.