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Clare Lopez, Caroline Glick, Debra Burlingame, Andy McCarthy

March 22nd, 2011

First, Clare Lopez discusses the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood as a result of this “Arab Awakening” throughout the Middle East. Next, Caroline Glick talks about the dissent into “strategic dementia” under the Obama Administration. Then, Debra Burlingame, a representative of the 9/11 families, discusses the trials of detainees at Guantanamo Bay; although the 9/11 suspects will not be tried as of yet and when they are brought to trial, it will be in federal court and not military. Finally, Andy McCarthy discusses the so called “rebels” in Libya who should be called “Libyan Mujahedeen” because they are actually groups of Islamists with ties to terrorist organizations. Also discussed is the fact that the majority of insurgents in Iraq have come from Libya and how this operation is unconstitutional due to a lack of imminent danger to the US and therefore the president needed the approval of Congress.