Claudia Rosett, Dr. Neil Kressel, Matt Boyle, Gordon Chang

With Claudia Rosett, Dr. Neil Kressel, Matt Boyle, and Gordon Chang

Journalist CLAUDIA ROSETT explains that the UN is siding with the terrorists in the case of Hamas vs. Israel. The UN has ignored Hamas's increased attacks against Israel and has even pressured the Israelis to work with Hamas to resolve the conflict.

Professor DR. NEIL KRESSEL talks about his new book which looks at the growing antisemitic rhetoric within the Muslim community. With the growing Islamist influence within Europe and the Middle East, is the Jewish faith in danger?

Journalist MATT BOYLE analyzes the growing connection between drug cartels in Mexico and terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah. He explains how these terrorists are using the drug routes to enter the US in return for providing weapons and money to the cartels to wage their drug war.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG looks at China's new aircraft carrier, that can actually land an aircraft. He sheds light on what this development means for regional stability; as well as the growing anticommunist sentiments within the country.

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