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Claudia Rosett, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Patrick Byrne, Andy McCarthy

August 30th, 2011

Is the upcoming United Nations vote to recognize Palestinian statehood a “grand deflection” to keep the world’s eyes off the true crisis of the moment, Iran?  Claudia Rosett, Journalist-in-Residence at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, joins Frank to discuss the “raft of problems” associated with September’s UN General Assembly vote.  To start with, the UN does not grant statehood.  Rosett explains the vote, which already failed in the Security Council earlier this year, is just the latest episode in a long propaganda campaign by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League and the “usual gang” steering the UN’s agenda, to delegitimize Israel.  “This is about squeezing Israel,” says the Pajamas Media columnist, and a “bid to create a terrorist state.”

Then, Congressman Louie Gohmert, of Texas, discusses the “now we run” strategy in Libya, where backing the rebel government is analogous to Jimmy Carter’s welcoming of the Ayatollah Khomeini as a “man of peace.”  “These are not people that like us,” says Rep. Gohmert.  Although the sentiments in Libya are troubling, there are encouraging signs in the House of Representatives, where Gohmert sits, including a new bill to correspond our level of influence at the UN with our level of funding.  The Congressman, a former judge, also discusses President Obama’s Executive rule by waiver, “where the rule of law is tossed aside and it’s not equal application of the law it’s who you know that gets you by,” he says.

Next, Frank welcomes back Patrick Byrne, of, to Secure Freedom Radio to give the bird’s eye view of economic warfare.  Byrne explains the settlement system, designed 20 years ago to computerize our economy, built with inherit flaws, ones that can be exploited by our enemies.  Osama Bin Laden once said, “I know the cracks in the Western financial system better than I know the cracks in my own hand,” and Byrne details how Hamas, Hezbollah, the Russian mafia, Genovese and others have manipulated the market.  Byrne, President and CEO of Overstock, documents the mortgage fraud schemes by al-Qaeda in 2008 and concludes by telling us what we can do to thwart this threat.

Finally, Contributing Editor of National Review, Andy McCarthy discusses his latest column where he describes the descent of major cities in Europe into Islamicized enclaves.  McCarthy describes the ideological falsehood that terrorism has no impetus behind it, which has guided these cities into “voluntary apartheid.”  Malmo, Amsterdam, Rome and Brussels have all lost the sovereignty of their governments to Islam not by those acts of terrorism, but systematically by way of Civilization Jihad.  Muslims are urged to relocate to the West, not assimilate, what Turkey’s Prime Minister calls a “crime against humanity,” and infiltrate its laws and bureaucracy. The former prosecutor and author of The Grand Jihad explains how the U.S. can avoid the same fate of Europe by coupling outreach with intelligence gathering like the NYPD has done in New York City.

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