Secure Freedom Radio Podcast

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Cliff Kincaid

September 18th, 2014


  • How the Soviet Union reorganized after its supposed collapse
  • Why the FSB and the Russian intelligence community are stronger and more important than ever
  • Putin's aspirations to control Europe and bring Russia back to world superpower status
  • Is German Chancellor Angela Merkel in cahoots with Putin and Russia’s agenda?


  • Putin's use of his “Christian” image to deceive the West
  • The FSB's continuing ties to KGB Islamist networks, including Al-Qaeda
  • The card-carrying Communist who mentored a young Barack Obama


  • Russian subversion at home and abroad
  • The resurrection of Soviet-style anti-American international outreach
  • The failure of U.S. policy to counter Putin’s vision for Europe and the global community


  • Does the loyalty of America's political leadership and public servants need testing?
  • Lessons learned from countering Nazi propaganda in the U.S. during World War II
  • The media’s growing inability to function as a watchdog