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Congressman Mo Brooks, Richard Perle, Daniel Goure, Gordon Chang

May 13th, 2013

CONGRESSMAN MO BROOKS, talks missile defense and looks into the Pentagon's plan to declassify and share U.S. missile technology with Russia and the dangers this open flow of information might have.

Former assistant secretary of defense for international security policy RICHARD PERLE advises against the US entering into a treaty with Russia in which it agrees to restrict our missile defense systems.

DANIEL GOURE, of the Lexington Institute, addresses current issues that the military faces with the continual downsizing of the Armed Forces as well as addresses recent reports on Chinese military buildup.

GORDON CHANG of argues that China’s claim this past week that it, not Japan, is the rightful owner of Okinawa shows that China is imitating 1930s-Japan by going on a militaristic bent.

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